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The 2020 top LGBTQA+ voting results post is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to. Which is now, apparently. I do appreciate the patience everyone, and next year I promise not to hold the voting at the height of a pandemic and the same week I get a copy of animal crossing (hit me up if you wanna visit my island!).
The voting post can be found here, and the database of collated votes is here. Please note that I can only vouch for the books that actually made it into this post; there could be books in the database that don't fit at all.
So here we have it! Our sub's favourite books featuring a main POV character who lands somewhere on the LGBTQA+ spectrum. Like any good mother I couldn't possibly play favourites (The Tarot Sequence. The Tarot Sequence is my favourite), I'm just so pleased to see so many fantastic books in one place, and even more excited to dive into the ones that are new to me! Weep for our TBRs, friends. Weep for them.
29 votes
This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone | Lesbian
When two elite warriors— standing on opposing sides of a war stretching across space and time— become penpals, the rivalry between them starts to shift into something else.
27 votes
Wayfarers by Becky Chambers | Lesbian
A young woman hiding one or two secrets takes a job on an old spaceship, and discovers that sometimes families aren’t made; they’re found.
25 votes
The Locked Tomb by Tamsyn Muir | Lesbian
The Emperor needs a necromancer, and Harrowhark , Reverend Daughter of the Ninth House and bone witch extraordinaire, would super like to be that necromancer. But without Gideon, she’ll fail. And Gideon... is currently packing up her dirty magazines and planning an escape…
21 votes
The Masquerade by Seth Dickinson | Lesbian
When you’re as crazy smart as Baru Cormorant the issue is not will you be able to rise to the top of the society that colonised your people and take them down from the inside, it’s will you be able to do without becoming a monster yourself? (No. The answer is no).
20 votes
The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller | Gay
A retelling Achilles’ ill-fated destiny with Troy, told from Patroclus’ pov. Very beautiful. Much heartbreak.
17 votes
The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon | Lesbian
An absolute honking chonker of a book full of wonderfully detailed worldbuilding, if that’s your thing. And also an unwed queen beset on all sides by assassins, and the forbidden-magic wielding lady-in-waiting who’s keeping her alive. You know. If that’s your thing.
Machineries of Empire by Yoon Ha Lee | Gay, Lesbian & Trans
Look, I know it’s not great that one of your space fortresses is rebelling, I’m just saying that taking a promising soldier and forcing her to share her body with the resurrected spirit of the brilliant and genocidal general you’ve had locked away for a few centuries is maybe - maybe - not your best plan.
16 votes
The Tarot Sequence by KD Edwards | Gay
Where is Addam, missing scion of the Judgement Court? This is a mystery Rune St. John, last scion of Sun Court, has been paid to solve. Other mysteries are too big for money; like who killed Rune’s father and destroyed Sun Court all those years ago? And also, why is Addam so handsome? How did he become so charming? Mysteries, mysteries.
14 votes
A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine | Lesbian
An ambassador to a sprawling empire must solve the murder of her predecessor before she meets the same fate. Thankfully a version of the murdered man has been reconstructed from his memories and implanted in her mind. Helpful! Unfortunately the memories used were very outdated. Less helpful!
Kushiel’s Legacy by Jacqueline Carey | Bi
A courtesan-spy cursed/blessed by her god to find pleasure in pain and a prudish warrior-priest go through all kinds of hell to save their homeland from traitors, but the real battle is the one against their feelings for each other. (And also the persistent idea that this trilogy is all sex when really it’s mostly politics with a little sex, and even then it’s still mostly politics).
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo | Gay
Did somebody say… heist?? Kaz Brekker is putting together a team for a job that could set them all up for life, if all the tragic backstories and shocking betrayals and sexual tensions could maybe stop getting in the way for just five minutes.
The Craft Sequence by Max Gladstone | Lesbian & Trans
This is the series with necromancer attorneys. I mean, I don’t know what else you want from me here. Necromancer. Attorneys.
13 votes
The Shadow Campaigns by Django Wexler | Lesbian
We have Marcus, an experienced but tired Captain of a foreign outpost. We have Winter, a green but gifted soldier with some field promotions in his ( well, hers, but shhhh, that’s a secret) future. And last comes Janus, the brilliant but maybe a little mad Colonel who is above sharing his true agenda, but not above maybe getting all them killed in the name of it.
Wayward Children by Seanan McGuire | Asexual and trans
This one goes out to all you kids that were transported to fantasy words, and then spat back out on earth once the adventuring was done.
12 votes
The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie | Trans
There’s a rock, and there’s the God of that rock, and the endless time that stretches behind and before them, and the tangled feuds the other Gods are constantly mired in that they stay clear of. Or at least, that’s what they’ve always done. Until now.
The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater | Gay and Bi
Four teens in rural Virginia search for a buried Welsh king, but maybe the real Welsh king is the friends we make along the way.
The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune | Gay
A Case Worker at the Department in Charge Of Magical Youth must travel to an island orphanage and determine if the handful of misfit children there (gnome, a sprite, a wyvern, an unidentifiable green blob, a were-Pomeranian, and the Antichrist) are likely to bring about the end of days or not. He must also determine what it is he feels for their charming caretaker.
11 votes
Arcane Ascension by Andrew Rowe | Asexual
If you can reach the top of the colossal Serpent Spire— which is to say, if you can survive all the traps and monsters and shifting rooms — you get magical powers and the boon of a Goddess and all sorts of neat shit. Five years ago Corin’s brother entered the tower and didn’t come out again. Now Corin is heading inside to bring him back.
Tensorate by JY Yang | Gay, trans and non-binary
A prophet stands on one side of a rebellion and on the other; her brother, who maybe can’t know the future like she does, but who knows that what matters more is changing the right now.
The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K Le Guin | Non-binary
A human emissary travels to an alien world — where the inhabitants can choose and change their gender at will— in order to convince them to join an intergalactic civilisation.
10 votes
The Kingston Cycle by CL Polk | Gay and Lesbian
One good thing about war is that it’s easy enough to fake your own death and start a new life back home where your powerful family can’t use you for your magic. Of course in order for this to be a successful endeavour it helps to keep your head down and not start investigating a murder. If you absolutely must investigate a murder for the love of god don’t do with a mysterious and charming and attention-drawing man by your side. But ok I get it he really is very good looking. Just no high-speed bicycle chases, ok? …Ok?!
The Riverside Books by Ellen Kushner | Bi
The nobles of Riverside are so witty and polite, but manners can only take one so far. If you find your tongue just isn’t cutting enough it might be time to head into the slums and find yourself a swordsman to dual on your behalf. Richard St. Vier is the very best of them, but it’s not his swordfighting prowess that has young nobleman Alec attached to his side…
9 votes
A Charm of Magpies by KJ Charles | Gay
It takes the deaths of his father and brother to bring Lucien back to England after twenty years, and imagine his disquiet to learn he’s not just inherited his father’s wealth, but his enemies too. He requires magical protection, and it’s just bad luck really that the man he hires has more reason than anyone else to hate Lucien’s family.
The Books of Raksura by Martha Wells | Bi
Moon grows up believing he is the last of his kind, until he stumbles upon others and finds out he’s basically royalty. He also finds out his people are super matriarchal, and he’s expected to be a bit more wilting flower and a bit less… feral loner who’s well-used to gutting monsters with his bare claws? Still, If he can let go of his bone-deep abandonment issues for even just one second he might realise he’s found the family he always wanted.
In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan | Bi
Eliot is only a child when he is recruited to a magical military academy. One problem though — well, ok, more than one problem. For example, a quill and ink is hideously impractical and there’s only so many pens one carry back from summer break, especially when you’re also trying to smuggle a coffee machine… But aside from all that, there’s the fact that this is an military academy and Eliot is a pacifist. And unfortunately for the war effort he’s also a stubborn little shit.
8 votes
The Deeds of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon | Asexual
Paks is eighteen and headstrong when she flees a marriage arranged by her father and joins a mercenary company, and in the amidst all the obstacles and hardships she must overcome she discovers she is also a paladin.
Starless by Jacqueline Carey | Non-binary
During a moon-on-moon eclipse two babies are born. One is a princess of the Sun-blessed, and the other her “shadow;” her god-chosen protector. Khai’s whole life is spent training for the moment where he will meet the princess and take on this role, but of course when that time comes he realises that shit’s just barely getting started.
A Taste of Honey by Kai Ashante Wilson | Bi
Prose gorgeous enough to make you weep and a story that— Actually, best to go into this one blind. You won’t regret it.
The Montague Siblings by Mackenzi Lee | Bi and asexual/aromantic
Don’t you hate it when your European holiday turns into a manhunt, and also your sister is along for the ride so you can’t even hit on your best friend in peace? Smh.
Simon Snow by Rainbow Rowell | Maybe gay, maybe bi (protagonist still figuring shit out)
Who needs Harry Potter when you can have Carry On. All the no artificial colour or flavourings magical school deliciousness you love paired with an artisanal magic system and a truly decadent enemies-to-lovers romance.
7 votes
To be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers | Pan
A space explorer and her crew sleep for decades between planets. Earth dramatically changes each time they wake, but they don’t let it get in the way of sending their findings home.
Captive Prince by CS Pacat | Bi
Following a violent coup a Prince is disguised as a slave and delivered into the court of his enemies, and the only way save his homeland lies in aiding the worst of them. (A note from me, your friendly OP: A lot of things in the first book of this trilogy will seem very problematic on first read, so this is me promising you that the rest of the trilogy does address it all. Things are not what they seem!)
Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh | Gay
Grumpy woods hermit is repeatedly bothered by wide-eyed scholar.
Bel Dame Apocrypha by Kameron Hurley | Bi
Nyx used to be part of an elite bounty-hunter sect, tasked with collecting the heads of boys foolish enough to desert a never-ending war. But now she’s been cast out and all that matters is making money with her motley mercenary crew, no matter how dangerous the job.
The Amberlough Dossier by Lara Elena Donnelly | Gay
This is a book about the insidious encroach of fascism, and about two not exactly good men who are not elevated by the love they feel for one another but rather drag it down into their selfish, self-preserving, ruthless world. Also cabaret.
The Last Herald Mage by Mercedes Lackey | Gay
Vanyal just really wants to be a bard, but his dad is all ‘like fuck you will, go learn to be a warier.’ Of course then then it turns out he’ll be neither because he is a super powerful mage. I believe there are also psychic horses involved.
Inda by Sherwood Smith | Gay and bi
Young Inda is something of a prodigy when it comes to strategy and tactics, so it’s especially awkward when he’s expelled from military academy and turns to a life of piracy.
6 votes
The Band by Nicholas Eames | Lesbian
Clay thought his mercenary days were well behind him, but then an old band-mate shows up needing help to rescue his daughter and it looks like there’s one more tour left in him after all. (Note: this blurb applies to book one of The Band, but it's book two,The Bloody Rose, with the lesbian protagonist).
The Winged Histories by Sofia Samatar | Lesbian
Four woman, a rebellion, and some stunningly poetic prose.
5 votes
In The Vanishers' Palace by Aliette de Bodard | Lesbian
Beauty and the beast but one hundred percent more dragon.
Nemisis by April Daniels | Trans
Hiding the fact she’s trans gets a lot harder for Danny when the superhero Dreadnought dies right in front her. Now she’s got his powers, powers which magically transform her body to the shape she’s always known it should be. And now she’s also got a dad desperate to change her back, a best friend who wants to date her, and a whole cabal of superheroes who think she doesn’t belong.
Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear | Lesbian
Prostitutes in an alternate wild-west face of against a bad buy with a streampunk mind control machine.
Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey | Lesbian
Loup Garron’s father was a genetically engineered soldier on the run from the government, and from him she inherited some cool skills like super strength, speed, and an inability to feel fear. Naturally she uses these skills to become a vigilante superhero and win boxing matches.
Nightrunner by Lynn Flewelling | Bi
Painfully sweet young Alec is plucked from a dungeon by the mysterious and dashing elf, Seragol. He’s basically a spy for the queen and he’s all, ‘hey you’re cute wanna come be my spy apprentice?’ Adventures ensue.
China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F Mchugh | Gay
It’s the twenty-second century and following an economic collapse and socialist revolution in America, China has become the dominate world-power. We are following Zhang through a decade of his life; sometimes focusing directly on him and sometimes not. Sometimes we are on mars, and sometimes we are not.
Catfishing on CatNet by Naomi Kritzer | Lesbian
Living a life constantly on the run from her abusive father really sucks for Steph, but it sucks slightly less with her group of close internet friends on the cat-pic sharing social media site, CatNet. And when he father does finally find her it’s the CatNet, and the sentient AI behind it, who might be her only hope.
An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon | Intersex
The HSS Matilda has been carrying tens of thousands of people across space for generations; from a ruined Earth to a supposed promised land. The populace of the ship are separated across highly-segregated racial lines, but when a link is found between the deaths of the ship’s Monarch and Aster’s own mother she won’t let them stand in the way of uncovering the truth.
The Founders trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett | Lesbian
The trouble with being an excellent thief is eventually someone’s gonna pay you to steal the kind of thing that people would kill for. In Sancia’s case it’s a powerful artifact that some bad guys want to use to re-write the world.
Dr. Greta Helsing by Vivian Shaw | Gay
Greta Helsing, doctor to the undead, must stop of a group of murderous monks before they kill all of her clients.
4 votes
The Drowning Girl by Caitlín R. Kiernan | Lesbian
A masterclass in what a skilled author can do with an unreliable narrator, The Drowning Call follows India Morgan Phelps (Imp to her friends) as she attempts to write a ghost story. Or, well. A “ghost story.”
The Winnowing Flame by Jen Williams | Lesbian
There’s nothing more depressing than spending your days in a city in decline, watching your life slowly pass you by. So who can blame Tormalin the Oathless for instead taking up with an eccentric explorer and a fugitive witch, for leaving the city behind and heading off to fight monsters and unearth artifacts.
Elemental Logic by Laurie J Marks | Lesbian (at least? I get the impression this is an everyone is queer kind of book. You love to see it).
The Earth Witch is dead and heirless, the elements are out of balance, and the land of Shaftal is slowly, painfully, dying. Its fate now lies in the hands of a scholar turned reluctant warrior; the sole survivor of a slaughtered tribe, and a drug-addicted half-blood giant.
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley | Gay
When Thaniel finds a gold pocket watch on his pillow he’s like, hey cool. Free watch. It’s not until it saves his life that he figures he should maybe find where it came from. A journey that leads him to Japanese immigrant Keita Mori, from Victorian London to civil war Japan, and even further beyond.
Seven Blades in Black by Sam Sykes | Lesbian
Among humans, none have power like mages. And among mages, none have will like Sal the Cacophony. Once revered, now vagrant, she walks a wasteland scarred by generations of magical warfare.
Los Nefilim by T Frohock | Gay
There’s a war between angels and demons being fought in 1930s Spain, but Diago Alvarez is staying out of it. He’s half-angel, half-demon, wholly not giving a fuck. But when Diago’s lover Miquel and his son are threatened Diago realises he does have some fucks to give after all.
Shades of Magic by VE Schwab | Bisexual, Gay
Antari are magicians with the ability to travel between alternate Londonds, and Kell is one of the last of them. Officially he’s a diplomat for the royal family that adopted him; carrying letters to the different Londons on behalf of his royal parents. Less officially he’s a smuggler. Guess which of those is about to get him into a whole mess of trouble?
Tales from Verania by TJ Klune | Gay
This book is ridiculous and fun and will make your face hurt from all the grinning and then when you least suspect it BAM it punches you in the heart. So sneaky. When Prince Justin becomes King, Sam will be his wizard. Even though Justin is a jerk and is dating Knight Commander Ryan, who is a dreamboat and anyone can see should be with Sam. When Justin gets kidnapped by a dragon, Sam and Ryan (and Gary the sassy unicorn) have to go save him.
Did you think I was kidding when I said pour one out for the TBRs?
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Subreddit News, Tournaments, and some CCU Mythbusting

Greetings Warriors!
Now that the (green) smoke has settled from the Y4S2 and the CCU landing, we thought now would be a good time to do a quick subreddit news post, as there are a few things to catch you up on - before Y4S3 arrives and there is more news to take the sticky post slot!

Upcoming Tournaments

First up, there are a number of tournaments happening in the next few weeks. Slayscion Gaming are returning with 4v4 and 2v2 tournaments on PC, in EU and NA regions in the next few weeks! And if you didn’t get chance to watch the last 4s tournament, you can watch the VOD of The Arena’s cross region dominion tournament last weekend here. Remember to keep an eye on for upcoming For Honor events! Ubisoft have announced that the PC Dominion Series will be starting up next season, so now is an excellent time to get into competitive tournament play, and practice for the big tournaments on the horizon!

New Mods

Next, I’d like to welcome two new mods to the team, u/SenpaiKaplan (SenKa) and u/DaniUsagi. I’m sure regular readers will recognise these two, as they are both frequent contributors to the sub, with many interesting tech posts between them. We’ve been seeing a big increase in viewers and posts since the CCU, and their help and expertise will be much appreciated! Please give them a warm welcome!

Poll Posts have been disabled

Since Reddit added the new Poll option on posts, we have seen a big influx of these posts, and unfortunately 90% of them have been very low effort, normally just a title and a binary choice, which we have had to remove. Adding a “no low-effort polls” clause to rule 6 hasn’t helped with that situation, so we have decided to disable the option entirely. If you do still want to do poll the readers here as part of a discussion post, or want to gather data to find opinions on a specific question, you are welcome to include links to external survey sites (like surveymonkey or google forms) in text posts - we are only trying to cut down on low-effort posts, not genuine use of poll for interesting content.

Info Hub Update

The Info Hub has been updated with all the changes from the CCU and the follow-up patches, including the 3 new executions, new punishes, balance information on each character, and an All Attack Properties sheet which allows you to compare attacks across the cast, and contains lots of data that doesn’t fit on the individual character sheets (like hit reactions for example). We are still in the process of revamping the General Info sheet, and an update to the Viability Tables is also in the works, now that there has been a decent amount of time since the CCU for the meta to stabilise. Also planned is addition of frame advantage sections on some moves for which it is particularly relevant.
If you spot any errors, outdated info, or have requests for information you’d like to see included in the hub, please let us know by commenting on the hub itself, messaging me or the mod team as a whole, or contacting one of us on discord.

Some CCU Mythbusting

Since the CCU update, I have seen a few persistent bits of misinformation floating about, and I’d like to take this opportunity to bust a few of these myths:
That’s all Warriors, thanks for reading, and see you on the battlefield!
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Virtual Drag Race Season 10 Dynasty: Episode 1- Join Our Haus Premiere

Virtual Drag Race Season 10 Dynasty: Episode 1- Join Our Haus Premiere
Dixie sits with The Aspect Of Wealth sipping tea.
"Can't believe this time last year... we were about to start the journey." Dixie smiles.
"I know, right? Insane..." Wealth laughs. "Now I'm two seasons down, and you're a winner."
"Oooh, we should tune in to the new season." Dixie winks and flicks on the TV.
"This is going to be fun..." The Aspect Of Wealth mutters.
Prince Kong walks out looking like Tarzan. "ROOOOOOOOOOOAR. HE-HAW. MEOW. WOOOOOOF. BAAAAA. OINK." He winks.
"...That goes off a lot better when people are in the room."
Prince Kong: "Hey. I'm Prince, your Animal Overlord and Drag Son of the Legend that is Queen Kong. I am an a Zoo-Keeper by Day and Drag Artist by Night from Tampa, Florida. I'm a Bio King, thus... a Cis Male who Drags up their look. Prince Kong is the typical drag Queen host of the 1980s meeting Zoo-Keeper Ken. I do Camp, I do Comedy, I Sew, I Write... and I have a deep seated superiority complex that means... I'm the best." Prince Kong winks.
"God, first one in..." Kong smiles. "Where's the others?"
Dressed in a look designed of several patched-together looks, Terri Toris struts in. "Look around, look around... How lucky we are to be alive right now!" She grins
"Oooh, i'm vibing..." Kong nods.
Terri Torris: "Hiiiiiiiii. I'm Terri, drag child to the only and only Mai Clee Toris. I am camp, conceptual, and polished." Terri winks. "I'd say one in one phrase... I am... Modernised Camp. My Mama's a pageant Queen, but i'm comedy, i'm theatrical... I'm DRAMA! And... I'm proud to be contributing the long tradition of non-binary Monarch's on this show."
"Oh Kong!" Terri grins.
"Babe..." Kong smiles.
Prince Kong: "I know this bitch! My first year of college, whilst I was studying my Bachelor of Zoology in Miami... Terri was the head of the local LGBT Chapter. They're cute. If not, a little too self consious for my taste..."
"So you look fantastic." Kong smiles.
"Oh, really?!" Terri smiles. "I was a bit worried but yay, thank you!"
Prince Kong: "Episode 1? Babe. You gotta come in knowing you're the shit."
"We got our cookies, and now.... LET'S GET TRUFFLES!" Truffles walks in... looking like a Superhero... albeit... in the form of a messy... cosplay version.
Truffles: "Oh YES! I'm here! I'm Truffles, drag sis to Miss Cookies and Cream, and just as thick and juicy. I'm a baby drag Queen, I'm a musical theatre Queen, I'm a mover, I'm a shaker, and i'm a SUPERSTAR! Or at least... I'm here to become a star." Truffles grins and the confessional DINGS.
"Oh, so you're the 3rd St Frostfur!" Kong smiles.
"Who's the St Frostfur?" Truffles smiles.
"Oooh, a shady Queen..." Terri laughs.
Truffles: "I genuinely don't know. What is the King talking about?"
Producer: "You know, like Saint and Heaven?"
Truffles: "Oh. I was raised Atheist."
"This is so exciting!!" Truffles smiles. "I just can't-"
Truffles falls off her chair.
"I will make it clear... I'm clumsy as hell." Truffles laughs.
"We all are a bit messy." Kong nods.
Looking straight out of a classic Novel set in the South, Blessia Hart looks like a true Southern Belle. "The Hart's... will go on!" She raises her hand in the air and smiles. "I'm here."
Blessia Hart: "Oh darling, I'm the next Hart! I'm Blessia, the Dancing Diva of Dallas, Texas. I'm Pageant, Glam, Cutesy, Colourful, Kooky... Sweet Overload. 10 years ago, Miss Belle Hart was on the series with her Mama... and now, Belle, who's returned to the fold... is my Mama. So I can give a bit of rock too." Blessia winks. "I'm here to show all you little youngin's all around the world... you too can be a butterfly!"
"Hi Drag Family!" Blessia grins.
"Oh girl, you have a mug just like me!" Truffles smiles. "Are you new?"
Blessia looks awkwardly at Truffles. "I've been doing drag for a few years..."
"Oh, yeah that's great!" Truffles smiles.
Blessia Hart: "Oh Missy, insulting me right off the bat!"
Truffles: "I hope she didn't think that was a diss..."
"Oh, Fudsicles!" Jackin' Jill struts in looking like a Jester Crossed with a Supervillain Punk Musician. "I forgot my popsicles.." She does a backflip, where a popsicles flies out of head to the other side of the room. "There it is." She winks.
The other Monarch's face range from Shocked (Blessia), to Impressed (Kong) to... Scared (Terri).
Jackin' Jill: "YAYAYAYYAYAYAYYA." Jackin' looks dead into the screen. "I'm Jackin' Jill, and I'm Wild. I'm the Chameleon; What do you expect? What do you require? I'm THAT! I'm colour, i'm psycho-pop-punk... and I'm a whole load of fun. Just like Motley, I'm the Drag Jester. I'm the Drag Child of Sofonda Cox, Comedic Legend! I'm fun, i'm skits, i'm jumping, i'm moving, i'm dancing, i'm DRAG!"
"AHHHHHHH THIS IS INSANE!" Jill skips around. "Oooh, a mannequin..." She tips it over. "Oops!"
"Welcome!" Blessia smiles.
"Hiya!" Jill grins.
Blessia: "Oh this Queen... she's a bit kooky!"
Looking like Jill's sister, Maddness Mistress walks in as a circus clown, complete with a rainbow nose. "Who's ready to CLOWN IT UP?"
"AHJAJHSJAHSJahsjahfjsahjdaSHJhajhdfjshdjsbdj" Jill screams.
"What the?!" Terri gasps.
Madness Mistress: "Hey Hey Hey! I'm Maddness Mistress! I'm the Drag Sister to Miserie Mistress, but this Sister is on Acid. I love Colour, Life, Living and just.. FUN! I'm all about the fun, and I want to make it clear... this Queen loves a party!"
"I LIVE for the outfit." Jill smiles.
"I LIVE for yours!" Maddness grins.
"AHHHHHH!!!" Jill screeches.
"AHHHHHHH!!!!" Maddness screeches.
Prince Kong: "There's two of them. I LIVE."
In a high fantasy look that looks like an undead floating monstrosity, Amal'Thazad glides in. "Happy Lich Season."
"Yes....." Kong grins.
Amal'Thazad: "Hi there Superstars, here's the next Lich! I'm Amal'Thazad, Drag King Sister to Lady Deathwhisper, Season 8 3rd Place. Deathwhisper was the visual; the makeup, the looks... I'm the movement, the writing, the hosting... the dancing." Amal winks. "I'm here to show you the other side of the Lich Monarch's... and I am here to win for my drag sister."
"A Liiiiiich!" Jackin' Jill smiles. "So many legendary houses..."
"I'm excited to see who's next." Amal smirks...
In a Monochromatic Black Noir look the looks straight out of a 1940s film, Aunty Terry Fi walks out looking... mysterious. "Do you want to crack the code of Guest?"
"Is that..." Maddness whispers to Jackin' Jill.
"AUNTIE TERRY?!" Jill gaps.
Aunty Terry Fi: "I can't do the confessional, I must remain a mystery!" Aunty Terry laughs. "Let's get it clear. I am Aunty Terry, and I am the leader of the Cult Of Guest." Terry laughs. "Sorry... Hi. I'm Aunty Terry, and I am a Visual Artist, Writer and Storyteller. I am... the mystery, the enigma... the meme. I'm... a 22 Year Old College Student. These Monarch's don't need to know this. I'm the enigma, the... legend that is Guest... and i'm keeping those cards close to my chest."
"It is I." Auntie Terry smiles.
"I thought you were a myth..." Terri mutters.
"Well, i'm here now..." Terry smiles. "Let's see how it goes."
"Ooooh what?" Blessia looks confused.
The Ripper appears on the screen in suspended from a leather swing.
Oh! Hi there. It's important to show us who you are... and what your family's like? That's important to note. Tell us.. Why should we join your Haus?
"Mysterious..." Maddness grins.
Hey Beauties!
The Ripper walks out.
Welcome to the SPLIT PREMIERE of Virtual Drag Race Season 10: Dynasty... hosted by me!
I'm excited to see all 8 of you. Talents... and i'm sure I know every. single. one of your relatives.
For this first maxi challenge, we're getting your BRAND.
Prince Kong: "As someone who has merch already available on my website..." Kong winks. "I know how to do branding."
Each of you will starting off the season with writing, filming and producing a video advertising people to join your Drag Haus. We want to see why your Haus stands out from the rest... whilst showing us about you. And then on the runway... Category is ME! Night of a 1000 Rippers.
Aunty Terry: "This is the perfect challenge for the season to start out for me. I can craft everything for myself... and make the perfect advertisement. Give an insight into The Myth of Terry..."
The Monarch's chat as they get ready.
"So... how long have all of ya'll been doing drag?" Truffles smiles.
"I've been doing it for for a few years now.. but I originally started in Costume Design. I studied a degree and actually designed look for... Drag Queens." Terri grins.
"Oh, did you do anyone on Drag Race's Clothes?" Truffles turns to Terri.
"I designed Mai's club kid realness look." Terri smiles. "But... Moreover... how long have you been doing drag, Truffles?"
"Oh, under a year?" Truffles laughs.
"UNDER A YEAR?" Terri gasps. "How much under?"
"A little bit." Truffles smiles. "So i'm lucky to... have gotten here."
"It's a bit risk, coming here while you were so new..." Terri looks at Truffles. "Were- Are you scared?"
"I am excited." Truffles grins. "I'm going to show the world... me!"
"I see." Terri smiles and nods.
Aunty Terry Fi is listening in.
Aunty Terry: "I have a feeling i'm quite new compared to a lot of them too. However, that doesn't need to be known..."
Who wins?
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Virtual Drag Race Winner's Royale: Episode 8- All Winner Music Groups Lip Sync

I've made some decisions.
Team Drag Destroyers, this week, you shined like no other. However, one of you did best...
Sophie Srs, you are the girl to beat. Condragulations, you are the winner of this week's challenge, and will be lip syncing for your legacy against a lip sync Assassin.
Sophie smiles. "That's fantastic news, thank you."
Sophie Srs: "I've gotten my second win, and it feels phenomenal. This... makes me feel overjoyed."
The rest of team Drag Destroyer's, you are... safe.
Heaven St Frostfur: "I wanted that second win. But... alas, Sophie takes it in the last hour. Good on for her."
Team D.R.A.G Destiny, you are the bottom team of the week. However, two of you did well... considering. Gemini Moon and Crystal Queerly Glass, you're... safe.
Crystal Queerly Glass: "I'm happy to be safe. I've had some bad luck with girl groups in the past..." Crystal laughs. "I was worried it was going to bite me again."
The rest of Team D.R.A.G Destiny, you represent the bottom Queens of the week.
Starting with... Fatima.
"Let's get... not so physical." Fatima smiles.
Fatima, I was worried about you considering some past history. However, this week, I really saw the effort.
"I did try really hard." Fatima nods.
That's good. We appreciate you trying. But... just still didn't quite meet the mark.
"I see." Fatima exhales.
Honey Soy Sickening!
"Ahhh!!!" Honey gasps.
Now, Honey, we love you. Buuuuuuuuuut....
"I know, I know!" Honey laughs. "It was as we say in Japanese... Tragicque."
Ru laughs.
It... was, unfortunately. You focused too much on thinking about the moves, didn't do enough... actually moves.
"I just was like..." Honey Soy motions doing a dance move. "In my head, but in reality... I was like...." Honey fake falls onto the floor.
Everyone laughs.
It wasn't your best.
Honey nods.
Finally, Malaria...
"Ru." Malaria nods.
Malaria, your look is a clear top toot tonight.
"Thank you. There was a lot of work put into this..." Malaria nods.
But your girl group performance... I feel like you just had NO IDEA. Were you kinda... mad at the rest of the group? You had this angry face...
"I'll be honest, I was. I had this thought on how I wanted this performance to be... and I didn't think they met it."
The rest of the team look at Malaria, annoyed.
Well, Gemini and Crystal did better than you. Fatima tried harder. If anything, you were the one delivering entirely different energy, Malaria...
"Sure." Malaria shrugs.
I've made some decisions.
Fatima, you're safe.
Fatima gasps. "Thank you..."
Fatima al-Abass: "Two low weeks for me... I'm worried. But... I'm happy my effort was seen today."
Unfortunately, that means Malaria and Honey Soy Sickening.. you are both up for elimination. You will have to prove yourself to the Top Monarch of the week.
Honey Soy Sickening: "Oop. This... is expected. But... not good...."
Malaria: "Sure. Of course, it happens like this." Malaria shrugs.
You May Now... Deliberate.
"So, let's chat." Sophie puts a pillow down to sit on and smiles. "Malaria, Honey, let's... talk."
"I want to say something first..." Crystal raises her hand. "Malaria, you hurt my feelings this week. I felt like... you blamed us for your fault."
"I'll be fully honest, I felt like you weren't on my level. None of you in my group." Malaria shrugs.
"Well, that's clearly not accurate." Gemini looks at Malaria. "We are safe, and you in the bottom 2."
"Here's the thing..." Malaria sighs. "I am a high performer, and I believe I am a great representation of the Drag Brand. I have never once, like it or not, been honest about my feelings. I am clear, I am dedicated, and I am a Superstar."
Heaven eyes Malaria. "But... is it enough tonight? Honey Soy has been doing really well too.."
"Honey, she's fierce." Malaria turns. "You're good, you weren't good tonight. I know I will serve consistency. I also know that... as part of the title of host, you have to engage. Be a fan favorite... and make tough decisions. If I win, I will do all of that."
"I definitely see what you mean." Dixie nods.
"Agreed. No doubt there.." Ripper nods.
"I think I can do the same." Honey Soy raises her hand. "I entered this competition telling myself I will have more fun than I did before, and be more me. Every week, I have delivered this energy, but... I'll be honest. I have not placed low yet. I have won my lip sync. I think I serve something different- I am the only Monarch here based outside of America now, and I think having a Queer Non-Binary Japanese Fat Drag Queen... says it all." Honey Soy smiles. "I know it's not based on the notion of fairness for everyone... but I think I'm deserving of the title of host."
Sophie looks at both Queens. "Very well... Let's vote."
Yasmeen walks off with Heaven to vote.
"Chiiiilllle..." Yasmeen smiles. "We did it."
"You did... really well this week, sis." Heaven grins.
The Monarch's vote.
Heaven votes Malaria.
"At the end of the day, I don't think you deserve this crown."
Dixie votes Honey Soy.
"I think you're great. But Malaria excites me more."
Sophie chooses her lipstick.
Sophie changes into a pair of lingerie, with a black trenchcoat, long red wig, and pair of dark sunglasses on her face, with blood-red heels.
Welcome back, My Winners...
Sophie, are you ready to meet your lip-sync assassin?
"Can't wait." Sophie smiles.
In a pair of short shorts and a crop top, with long gold chains down her neck and her hair down her back, Jess Deadly appears.
"Let's get Deadly." Jess smirks.
Sophie Srs.
This is your chance to impress me to 'How Many Licks?' by Lil' Kim,
Win Forty thousand dollars...
And give one of the bottom Monarch's THE CHOP.
Good Luck... and don't fuck it up.
Sophie Srs: "I love this song. But I know Jess is a big threat... I gotta give my A-Game."
Who wins?
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[OC] Introducing LEBRON: Longevity Estimate Based on Recurrent Optimized Network

tl;dr We created an LSTM that models a player's longevity via All-NBA probability throughout his career. It makes predictions for how many remaining All-NBA seasons a player has, and their All-NBA probability at each season. Only players who played at least 4 years as of the 2018-19 season are included (so no Doncic, Embiid, etc.) because it's a longevity metric. Also, because it's focused on longevity, younger players have less accurate predictions (discussed in the post). Google sheet of results is here. Interactive visualization app is here.


Although he’s in his 17th season in the league, LeBron James is putting up All-NBA first team-quality numbers. Every year, we wonder whether this will be the year that LeBron finally declines. After all, very few players even last 17 seasons, let alone dominate in each of them.
LeBron’s incredible longevity raises questions as to how we predict a player’s career arc. In signing players, general managers pay for not only current performance but also future expectations. For young players, the future expectation centers around the hope that they’ll flourish into stars. Meanwhile, for old players, the hope is that they’ll last the entire contract before breaking down.
However, so many variables affect NBA player performance, making longevity incredibly hard to predict. Players regress or progress in a seemingly random way over the course of their careers. Even if we (somehow) hold injuries, team changes, coaching changes, and more factors that can have large direct effects on player performance, it’s hard to predict a player’s career arc.
For example, let’s look at Roy Hibbert’s career. Hibbert made the 2012 and 2014 All-Star teams. He was also selected to the All-Defensive 2nd team for the 2013-14 season and helped anchor the Pacers’ strong defense when the team made it to the conference finals twice in a row. In the 2011-2012 season – when he made his first All-Star team – Hibbert was 25 years old. The All-Defensive 2nd team selection came when he was 27 years old. Conventionally, we say that players hit their prime around 27 or 28 years old. So, Hibbert seemed to be entering his prime in a promising position. However, two years later – in his age 29 season – his point total fell almost in half (10.6 to 5.9) as he moved to the Lakers. He retired at age 30. Hibbert seemed to suffer no injuries during this time (he missed a maximum of 5 games between the 2011-12 and 2015-16 seasons). Though Hibbert switched teams and the league moved away from his type of player, Hibbert’s regression seems unexpected.
There are several more examples of unexpected progressions and regressions. Again, projecting career arcs is very hard. However, here we’ll try to create a new metric that will give us a better estimate of a player’s career arc.
LEBRON (longevity estimate based on recurrent optimized network) uses a deep learning sequence model to project a player’s career arc. LEBRON predicts future All-NBA probability (which we determine using some models discussed later). It is far from perfect. Certain factors – like injuries -are impossible to predict when projecting a player’s future. However, LEBRON can give us a better idea of a player’s career arc than assuming all players follow the typical age/performance curve.

Data and All-NBA probabilities

The metric we’re modeling with LEBRON is All-NBA probabilities. We won’t go too in-depth on the All-NBA models here. We’ve done some previous work on predicting All-NBA teams which turned out pretty accurate.
First, we collected data on every player whose career started on or after the 1979-1980 season (introduction of the 3-point line). We excluded players who played before the 3-point line because, when training LEBRON, we look at a player’s entire career arc. This makes it unreasonable to consider players before 1979-1980, as parts of their careers were played with no 3-point line. Also, we do not have data from the 2019-20 season, because it’s not done yet. Altogether, we had 15,355 player seasons in our data set.
We predicted whether or not a player would make an All-NBA team in a given year. We did not separate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams – we predicted the binary outcome of making an All-NBA team (1) or not (0). To predict the selections, we used 7 inputs. They were: games played, minutes played, PPG, RPG, AST, VORP, and WS. Several arguments can be made about the features we used here. For example, it may be more reasonable to use RAPTOR instead of VORP and WS. Maybe we should consider defensive stats, too. However, the models using these inputs performed very well. Changing the inputs a bit would likely result in minor changes in a player’s All-NBA probabilities. Given that the main task of LEBRON is predicting the sequence of future All-NBA probabilities, we did not focus on fine-tuning the All-NBA models too much.
We used 3 tree-based models (random forest, gradient boost, and extreme gradient boost) to predict All-NBA selections. First, we evaluated them like typical machine learning models, where we split the full data into training and testing sets, then calculate each model’s performance. We used 25% for training. The performance metrics (along with the results of a random model – the dummy classifier) are in the table below.
Model Accuracy Recall Precision F1 Log loss AUC-ROC CV accuracy CV recall
RF 0.982 0.674 0.798 0.731 0.047 0.989 0.980 (+/- 0.001) 0.652 (+/- 0.132)
GBC 0.984 0.738 0.812 0.773 0.045 0.992 0.981 (+/- 0.002) 0.723 (+/- 0.139)
XGB 0.984 0.723 0.823 0.77 0.037 0.994 0.983 (+/- 0.001) 0.738 (+/- 0.132)
Dummy (random) 0.933 0.043 0.046 0.044 2.33 0.505 0.923 (+/- 0.003) 0.043 (+/- 0.035)
We won’t go too much into the model details here. The table shows that the models are very good at predicting All-NBA players. Accuracy doesn’t matter so much here, because the data set is imbalanced; in any given year, at most 15 players make an All-NBA team. So, a model predicting all 0s will get super high accuracy. However, our models have strong metrics all around, indicating they predict the All-NBA teams well.
Now that we see the models are good, we need to generate an All-NBA probability for every player in every season. To do this, we performed a type of leave-one-out cross-validation on each year. For example, say we wanted to predict All-NBA probabilities for every player in the 2008 season. To do this, we used all the historical data except for the 2008 season to train our models. Then, we averaged the predictions of our 3 models to assign each player an All-NBA probability. We repeated this process for each year. Then, we evaluated the predictions. The performance metrics are below.
Model Accuracy Recall Precision F1 Log loss AUC-ROC
LOO 3-model average 0.984 0.705 0.8 0.749 0.038 0.993
This shows that our models are strong predictors of All-NBA teams. Furthermore, the prediction probabilities from the models are good, as seen by the low log loss and high AUC-ROC. Now that we’ve set up the All-NBA probabilities, we can proceed with the creation of LEBRON.

Creating LEBRON

We fit an LSTM (long-short term memory network) to each player’s All-NBA probability history. We then used this model to project each player’s future All-NBA selections. Here’s a general overview of the process and data:
  • First, we dropped all players who had not played at least 4 years by the end of the 2018-19 season. So, there’s no Embiid, Doncic, etc. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, as hard as projecting a player’s longevity is in general, it becomes so much harder when you only have a few data points to use. So, we needed to have a minimum sequence length. Second, 4 years lessens the future variance of our predictions. Rookie contracts last 4 years, and 4 years gives us a decent sample size of a player’s performance.
  • Then, we split the data. We used 60% to train, 20% to validate, and 20% to test. Each “sample” is a player’s entire career.
  • We trained the model to predict a player’s All-NBA probability in year n+1 given their All-NBA probabilities from year 1 to n.
  • After training the model, we used it to predict every player’s All-NBA probability next year.
  • Then, we added this predicted All-NBA probability to their career arc. We then predicted the next All-NBA probability using the sequence that includes both the historical probability and the predicted one.
  • We repeated this process for all players until their sequence length reached the maximum career length in our data set of 21 seasons.
Like any approach to this difficult problem, LEBRON has its flaws. However, our approach seems to minimize some of them. For example:
  • One might ask why we use All-NBA probability as our sequence metric instead of a normal advanced stat like WS, RAPTOR, etc. Considering All-NBA probability lets us create a bigger separation between stars and non-stars. Also, it’s more interesting to project a star player’s career arc, given that they had to rise to be a star, then fall. Meanwhile, a role player may have progression and regression, but it will not be as dramatic and import to a team as a star player’s arc. Also, the main reason to use All-NBA probability is its interpretability. It’s much more meaningful to say “player x has 2.5 more All-NBA seasons left” than to say “player x has 10 more win shares left.”
  • It will still be hard for the model to project career arcs for younger players. Even though we drop players who played fewer than 4 seasons, things still change after a player’s 4th season. From a modeling standpoint, players with fewer years under their belt are harder to project. They have fewer historical seasons, so there’s more uncertainty. We’re projecting to 21 seasons, so there’s more to project for younger players, meaning there’s more room for error. For this reason, LEBRON will be more accurate for someone like LeBron, with several years under his belt, than Giannis.
  • The model tends to be pessimistic for young players. This goes back to the choice of All-NBA probability as a metric. In any given year, maybe 20 players have a real shot at making an All-NBA team. Indeed, in our 15,355 player data set, only 2.9% had an All-NBA probability above 50%, and 5.6% had a probability above 10%. This creates an imbalance towards lower values. So, the models tend to regress young stars towards these lower values before conventional knowledge would suggest they should regress. However, this doesn’t mean the model is wrong for young players.
  • The model doesn’t adjust for the fact that in each year, 15 players will make an All-NBA team. This is impossible to account for; the 15 players will not always be in our current data set. Rookies and young players will grow and take over spots. If we somehow knew that x number of current players will make an All-NBA team in y years, we could scale their probabilities up or down. This would help with the pessimistic projection for young players, but is impossible to implement.
  • Not everyone will reach the 21 seasons we’re projecting (in fact, very few will). However, this doesn’t affect the projections too much, because the model knows to regress long sequences (i.e. old players) to almost 0 by the end of their career. Also, some may play for longer than 21 seasons (unlikely but possible).
Now that we’ve discussed the approach and flaws of LEBRON, we can move on to the results.


As mentioned earlier, we generated career arcs for each player who played at least 4 years as of the 2018-19 season. We project future years for them up until they reached a 21-year career.
With these projections, we can look at both a player’s year-by-year projections and their total projections. By summing all of the projected future All-NBA probabilities, we can say that “player x has y remaining All-NBA seasons.”
Below is an example of LeBron’s projected future, as predicted by LEBRON.
LEBRON projects a steady decline for LeBron, though he will still maintain his All-NBA level performance. It projects that in his 20th season, he will be a borderline All-NBA player. His All-NBA probability that year of about 50% would put him at the 18th highest All-NBA probability for the 2018-19 season, right below Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook. So, this means that an All-NBA probability around 40-50% still implies strong, All-Star level performance. In his 21st year, LEBRON projects an All-NBA probability for LeBron just below 40%. This is way higher than any other player’s 21st year All-NBA probability. The high number also suggests that LeBron could keep playing at a high level past that season, perhaps raising his remaining All-NBA probability from 2.77 to above 3.
The Google sheet below shows the LEBRON projections for all players. Note that the current year is as of the 2018-19 season.


Hopefully, LEBRON sheds some light on how certain players will progress throughout their careers. Though it’s far from perfect, it seems much better than saying all players follow the typical model of reaching their prime at 28 and regressing after 30. The main issue with LEBRON is its difficulty in projecting young players. However, this is difficult for any model, as younger players have more variance. Maybe adding some type of similarity metric to other career arcs, like 538’s CARMELO used, to go along with the sequence modeling would help solve this problem.
This is my newest post with my open-source basketball analytics blog, Dribble Analytics. The GitHub repository for this project is available here.
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Virtual Drag Race All Stars 4: Episode 1- The Drag Talent All Star Extravaganza

Virtual Drag Race All Stars 4: Episode 1- The Drag Talent All Star Extravaganza
Sophie Srs sits in the hall of fame, sipping her tea.
It's been a hot two years..
Sophie smirks.
And I'm over this company...
Sophie turns her head to Auntie Pho, who's filming C-$alt on a huge camera as she raps.
Sophie rolls her eyes.
I think it's time we add someone new to my family.
Who's our next Hall of Famer? Let's find out.
Sophie grins.
In 10.
Dyna Might jumps into the room in an elevated version of her season 10 Werkroom look, going from fledging superhero to Heroic Legend. "I'm back, and I'm here to SAVE THE DAY!" She gives a huge smile.
Dyna Might: "Hello! I'm Dyna, and I'm your Superhero of Drag back from the dead! It's been a short trip since my season, but that's what makes it even more fun that I'm here! My journey was ended early with a surprising elimination... and the world was shocked. But I did it! I survived, I smiled and worked my way back to... here! I'm here to PROVE I am the hero of the season and I am more than a... robbed Queen! I am so much more." Dyna smiles.
"The first!" Dyna smiles. "That's a good sign..."
Dressed in blue pinata in the form of a Yak, Yana, on all fours... walks in yelping. "SHHHEEE IS HERE."
"Ahh!" Dyna yelps.
Yana Yak: "It's been 10 years..." Yana mutters and shakes her head. "Hello! My name is Yana Yak, and I'm from alllllll the way back in Season 1 of Virtual Drag Race! I was a 21 year old baby when I was... ooft, tragic. Since then.. I travelled the world in my contironist show. Fell in love... got married... moved to San Fran and realised... at that point, it'd been 3 years without drag in my life! So I got back into it about 2 years ago. Worked my way up again and now I'm a bit different. Yana's all about the weird. The freaky. The drag that is messy, but always has a place. And it's freaking hilarious." Yana grins.
"I love that you're here!" Dyna smiles. "I wa such a huge fan of you on your season when I was 14."
"14?!" Yana gasps.
Yana Yak: "I'm not the young one anymore. FUUUUUU-Fudge."
"You inspired me so much." Dyna grins. "I can't wait to work with you!"
Walking out in a stunning outfit made out of meat, Alejandra struts out looking hauntingly familiar version of Lady Gaga's original. Then in one swift motion, Alejandra pulls off her meat dress and cap, and her wig transforms to long, brown hair along with a beautiful floral gown. "Why don't we have both?" She winks.
Alejandra: "My names Alejandra, and I'm not just Lady Gaga, but I'm totally Lady Gaga." Alejandra laughs. "I was the... 2nd out Queen of Season 8 of Virtual Drag Race. Oops. I was known as the OTHER Gaga impersonator... and since my time, i've stepped it up. I've traveled the world, made my drag a bit more than... just Gaga, but I'm not giving up my soul... I'm just so much more now. I'm here to prove that I am THE Impersonator, Performer and Fierce Drag Superstar that I didn't get the chance to show on my original season."
"Don't call her name..." Yana smiles. "Welcome, Alejandra."
"Thank you." Alejandra smiles. "This is just so exciting!"
"I know right?!" Dyna grins. "So fun!"
The girls hear footsteps... and Cheyenne walks out in a gorgeous, beaded gown with long black hair the goes to nearly her feet. "Sioux Me." Cheyenne smirks.
Cheyenne: "Hello. My name is Cheyenne, and I am the Two-Spirit Goddess of Season 7 of Virtual Drag Race. Comedy, Sewing, Hosting... I was, and I continue to be, a Jack of All Trades. I am a proud Drag Warrior but this time... I'm a Master of All. i've honed my skills, my makeup, my visuals... and I'm ready to win the the title. On my season, I... did really good. But just before the end... I was ousted. It's time for me to prove it... I can make it to the end, and win this."
"Oh, this is fun..." Yana grins.
Yana Yak: "I saw Cheyenne on her season. She's a threat. A big one, personally... I wanted to see her win.."
"You look phenomenal!" Dyna smiles.
"Thank you." Cheyenne nods.
"Always good to see another Chicago Sister!" Dyna hugs Cheyenne.
Kandyce Von Davenport struts in is a mesh bodysuit showing off all of her curves. "Oh, you ready for a show?"
Kandyce Von Davenport: "BAM. Kandyce is here, baby, and she's here to SLAY. I'm K- Kandyce Von D- Davenport, and I'm back to win. I'm the Original Lip Sync Assassin of Virtual Drag Race... and girl, I lip synced a lot." Kandyce laughs. "It's been a while.. but i'm here to prove classic drag still has it's place. Just fierce, just powerful. Talent, baby."
"Cute outfit.." Yana smiles at Kandyce.
"You are a pinata?" Kandyce looks confused at Yana.
"Of course." Yana laughs.
Yana Yak: "Let's be honest. A mesh bodysuit? For All Stars? This is your re-appearance to the WORLD. Step it up!"
Seondeok struts out walking on one side. Pure Glamazon Royalty, looks ready to be crowned that very moment in a stunning gown. Painted, Gorgeous... Beautiful. Then she turns, and everyone gasps. On the other side of her body, she's serving boy-drag beauty- straight out of a K-Pop Boyband, she's serving dual-sworded SUPERSTAR.
Seondeok: "Yeoboseyo! Your K-Pop Prince...sss is here! I'm Seondeok, Drag Family to Gemini Moon and Katanna... Boyfriend to Verushka Verve and Lepra Khan... and America's next Drag All Star." Seondeok smiles. "I was known for serving looks and visual on my season, and having not enough confidence. But... i'm grown, and I'm ready. Since my season, I've taken my Drag beyond the gender binary and now I do Boy Drag- Mainly linked to my Instagram, K-Pop Idol Boy Style Performing... and gorgeous, beautiful Royal Lady looks on the flipside. I've worked on my hosting, my comedy... and I'm here to take the world by STORM."
"Ohhh..." Cheyenne looks at Seondeok. "WOW."
"Yeah, I trigger that reaction now." Seondeok winks.
"She's got FIESTY." Dyna yells. "WELCOME!" And hugs Seondeok tightly.
"She's as happy as ever." Seon grins. "We're here!"
"All Stars 4.." Kandyce smiles.
Sofonda Cox struts out in a tight blonde wig and a glittering emerald dress. "This old bitch can do looks, too." She winks, then turns around... to reveal a giant image of her face on the back of the dress. "THAT'S how you do glamour, and camp."
"YAY!" Dyna smiles.
"Mama's here." Yana smiles.
"I ain't your Mama!" Sofonda shakes her head. "I'm so your Mama all of you come give me a hug."
Alejandra smiles.
Sofonda Cox: "Hello babies! I'm so happy to be here. I'm Sofonda Cox, Season 5 Top 5. For those who don't remember.. I'm classic drag in the world of today. I'm a hostess, a comedian, and a fierce Drag Queen." Sofonda smiles. "I'm here repping the Haus of Cox. Since my season, I've toured, become the Momma bear of... All of The Tours, bought a couple inns in Provincetown and... gained a seat on the local Council. It's been phenomenal. So being back here... is a little scary, but i'm here to prove an Old Dog... has some fantastic new tricks."
"How are we all feeling?" Sofonda smiles.
"SO excited." Alejandra grins.
"Don't call me Gaga." Aura walks out in full Gaga Couture, dressed straight out of Bad Romance. "I've never seen one like that before." She smirks.
Alejandra's face drops quickly from a grin to a scowl.
Alejandra: "I've never seen one like that before." She says in sarcastic tone, rolling her eyes.
Aura: "Hi, I'm Aura from Season 7. You know me. When I came to Virtual Drag Race, I was so focused on being the best Drag Queen possible and I realised- I'm best in my Gaga box. So... I'm here, doing what I do best. I'm known... perhaps infamously... for being the SABOTEUR. But... I'm not here to talk about that. I was ousted from my City, moved to London... and built all my way up again. I'm fantastic, and I'm here to prove it."
"Hi Ladies." Aura smiles.
"Didn't expect to see you here..." Cheyenne eyes Aura. "Should I watch my back?"
Aura laughs. "Let's not get into it."
"Still doing just Gaga?" Alejandra eyes Aura.
"Still going home second?" Aura smirks.
"I'm here to prove myself." Alejandra smiles.
"Let's hope you do. You loved to throw my name around on your season." Aura laughs.
Dyna Might: "Eeek! To those not in the know, Alejandra joined Season 8 with a passion to prove herself and the League of Gaga after Aura's reception. But there's both fierce! I think there's more than enough room." Dyna smiles.
"So, lots of dancers this season.." Kandyce grins.
Slayla Cool walks out in thick glasses, a huge fair coat, gold chains and a gorgeous gown on top. "Wanna Dance?"
Slayla Cool: "Hey, it's Slayla." Slayla smiles. "The lip sync Diva and Dancer is BACK. It's been a while... but I already have one mini crown, let's go with the real thing. I was... a bit traumatised on my original season, to be honest. I thought i'd take the crown, and I was far too overconfident. I refined my drag, worked on my skills, and I took the crown in the Black Monarch's Matter special recently. I'm here to prove my drag is intertwined with my dedication to Black Queer people for Colour, and that's why it's going to get me to the end."
Slayla and Kandyce hug. "You lied, bitch!"
"You did too!" Slayla laughs.
Kandyce Von Davenport: "Me and Slayla came together and become great friends after the special. I'm so happy to be here with her!"
"1 More..." Yana grins. "Who's it going to b-"
"I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY." Priya Tigress yells across the room. Covered in Bronze head to toe, Priya serves her best Pageant Goddess; now in the form of a Bronze Statue. "WHERE. IS. MY. CROWN?!"
Priya Tigress: "I think I was chosen as an All Star because... I'm the best. I will showcase my skills, my talents and my abilities and prove... I'm the All Star." She sticks her tongue out. "On my season, I was obsessed with a certain foul... Let's not say her name. But that wrench was the only thing holding me back from taking the crown, and I'm here to prove it. Since my season, I've... worked on those performance skills, the makeupm, the.. less than perfect aspects and now... well darling, I'm here to prove you all screwed up the first time around when you didn't crown me."
"Here we go..." Yana laughs.
"Oh, I love how they did it in elimination order!" Priya smiles and laughs.
"Welcome Priya." Aura grins.
"Who are you?" Priya looks confused.
Alejandra laughs.
"Some great Queens here... it's going to be fun." Priya smirks.
My Lucky 10... each of you are here because I KNOW you're superstars. So let's see your talents, hmm?
My All Stars... you look fantastic. For our first maxi challenge, it's time for a TALENT SHOW! Each of you will have the opportunity to present a performance piece- of your choosing. THIS is your entry back into the competition- so we want to see what you do best. What's key here is engaging. Make us excited. And give us a show.
Alejandra: "I am SO excited for this. My greatest strength is my performance abilities, so of course... That's what I'm doing! I am going to be doing a live singing and dancing performance of a montage of three songs with a new reveal for each one. What's important is versatility. I'm going to be doing that. Especially with Aura doing... Lady Gaga, i'm assuming...I'm here to prove I'm that AND MORE."
As they get ready, Sofonda and Cheyenne chat.
"I must say... Cheyenne smiles. You are a legend, and I'm incredibly excited to be working with yourself."
"I can't believe it's not happened before!" Sofonda smiles. "Though, I must be honest... I expected both you and the Lady Charlotte to be here in this."
"She'd have been so upset." Cheyenne smiles. "She's probably watching right now, grumbling. But I love that girl. Such a sister. We prepped together for this season."
"Oh you did? How lovely!" Sofonda smiles.
"We both got the offer. Charlotte said to me- I'll have my time, let's work together so you can win this. Declined. Helped prepped so much. But the Talent Show... that's all my idea." Cheyenne smiles.
"I had my two drag children do the same with me." Sofonda grins. "What are you doing for the show?"
"A Traditional Pow Wow dance and performance.. bringing along some family and friends to be a part of it. Something like that... family, community is at it's heart... and that's what I'm centering." Cheyenne nods. "And you?"
Sofonda laughs. "Oh god."
"Is everything... ok?" Cheyenne looks at Sofonda.
"I'm doing a sexy comedic number full of soundbites, glamour, lust, merkins and.. Dildos." Sofonda giggles.
"Oh my god..." Cheyenne grins. "I'm so excited to see it."
"It's signature Sofonda, and I can't wait to show it." Sofonda Cox grins.
The All Stars present their Talent Show Performances!
  1. Alejandra does a Singing Dancing Ruveal Montage Extravaganza to 'Alejandro' by Lady Gaga, 'On The Floor' By Jennifer Lopez and 'This is Who I Am', an Original Song
  2. Aura does a Lady Gaga Megamix Performance 'Trip To Chromatica'
  3. Cheyenne does a Native American Pow Wow Dance Performance surrounded by her family
  4. Dyna Might does a Superheroic Performance to 'Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler
  5. Kandyce does an lip sync dance performance to her original song 'Kandyce with a K.'
  6. Priya Tigress does a combination of a Kathak dance performance with Fire Dancing
  7. Seondeok does an energetic lip sync performance to 'Idol' By BTS (In Boy Drag!) dressed as a K-Pop Idol
  8. Slayla Cool does a Poetic Political Performance Piece about Black Lives Matter
  9. Sofonda Cox does a 'Sexy Sofonda's Haus of Cox', her Mad Signature Performance
  10. Yana Yak does a Contortionist 'Rag Doll' Act
Who wins?
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Virtual Drag Race Season 9- Episode 6: The Snatch Game Lip Sync

My Snatchtacular Monarch's! What a week.
The Aspect of Wealth, Iris Kettle, Saint St Frostfur, Leilani Blu... you are all safe.
The Aspect of Wealth: "I did something a little different this week and hoped it'd pay off... but it seems safety was the result. Interesting."
The Monarch's enter the werkroom.
"Don't you love safety?" Iris laughs sarcastically and walks off.
"I sure don't." Saint sighs. "It's... really fucking hard. Heaven... had won a challenge by now."
"But, she also really dominated late stage." Wealth looks at Saint. "So, you still have more than enough a chance."
"Yeah, I know. I just have this like... shadow on me, and I feel like I can't get out of it... and when I do, it's oh, the Priya and Me Show!"
"Well.. Try harder." Wealth looks at Saint. "I see... 98%. You should be at 110%. Every day. It will destroy you... but that's how you won a challenge. That's how I've won two." Saint smiles.
Meanwhile, Iris is having a drink watching when Leilani comes over.
"Hey lovely."
"Heyo Leilani." Iris smiles.
"I've sensed this... energy from you the last few weeks." Leilani looks at Iris.
"I... don't know if that's accurate. I'm the same." Iris stares back at Leilani and sips their drink.
"I see something beneath, Iris." Leilani exhales. "You know, I feel insecure too sometimes."
"I.." Iris looks bothered for a moment. "I am... just worried to be a failure here."
"You aren't... you won't... but you cannot let your feelings dictate your behaviour. You can't let your POTENTIAL fears impact your actions. Lead with... Week 1 Iris."
Iris nods. "There's just so much... I want to say but... I just... can't."
"Whatever comes naturally... is what's important." Leilani smiles.
My Top and Bottoms of the Week!
Let's start with Cola Pop!
What a way to re-enter the competition. You clearly know Lana.
"I was in the winter of my life when I discovered her. Bright, Beautiful and Grace. She taught me how to be a serve, and how to make good face." Cola winks.
THAT'S the Cola we want to see. You're a bit weird, you are funny, you are poetic... What a re-entry to this competition.
Cola smiles.
"Oh no." Gianna looks worried.
This... wasn't your week.
"It's hard. I.. I've never been funny? Like... I thought I had these really good jokes I prepared... but then... this happened." Gianna sighs.
You just... I didn't get it. It wasn't... Funny. I think you were... in your head.
"I think so." Gianna nods.
"Hello all binaries and non-binaries."
I... didn't get your Snatch Game.
"I was an android sister of mine."
I... see, didn't get that. I just thought... weird pop star.
"I see." Emma nods.
It wasn't natural. And see... Emma... you're a bit kooky, I get the vibe.
"I was made to stand out." Emma smiles.
Then lean into it. Be WEIRD.
"Be... weird." Emma nods.
Priya Tigress.
"Hello Hello."
First of all... this look. A CLEAR top toot.
"Why thank you." Priya smiles.
But... the Snatch Game...
Priya looks confused.
WOW. Talk about fantastic! As Dulce... you had all the gags. The dramatics, the attitude... everything was in character, and was FUNNY. Well done.
Priya Tigress: "Now, i'm not surprised. But... it does feel validating." Priya smirks.
"Get on the Dixie train bitches!"
You kinda stole the show. I mean... we saw Priya coming. But you?!
Priya eyes Dixie.
"I... stole the show, but I didn't steal Michelle's speech." Dixie responds in Melania's voice.
Expertly done. You are constantly stepping it up and this week... was perfect.
"Woo!" Dixie grins.
"Oh Satan protect me." Miserie fake prays.
Ru looks at Miserie.
You are really... off the cuff, funny. You can be for sure. But... your Snatch Game... was... one of the unfunniest we've seen... ever.
"Oh.." Miserie looks upset.
You are a great Queen, a talented Queen. But you didn't... Lean in. You didn't embrace your character... and it lead to your downfall this week.
Miserie Mistress: "I agree with Ru. I know I can be comedic... albeit probably unintentionally. But... I didn't embrace it... naturally..."
We will now deliberate. You may untuck backstage.
Priya strides in, smiling.
"How'd you go..." Wealth looks at Priya and Dixie.
"I'm really freaking excited." Priya smiles. "Winning Snatch Game was a goal of mine... so... fingers crossed."
Priya looks at Dixie. "You did well too, though!"
"Oh, I know." Dixie smirks.
Dixie Normous: "Miss Priya... perhaps thinks she has this in the bag. But me and Cola both did well too.."
Gianna's listening to the lip sync, whilst Emma stands near her, thinking.
"What are you doing Emma?" Gianna looks on, confused.
"Remembering the song." Emma smiles.
"You aren't... listening to it?"
"That's not how my brain works." Emma smiles again.
Saint walks over to Miserie.
"Hey Darling."
"Hey." Miserie half-smiles.
"You've got this. You are an amazing dancer, performer... don't let this bring you too far down." Saint hugs Miserie.
"I just gotta... prove myself." Miserie nods. "I will."
Welcome back my Monarch's!
...Cola, well done. You're safe.
Cola smiles.
Priya Tigress! What a week for you.
You're safe.
Priya nods and walks off. She stares at Dixie from the back.
Dixie Normous... this week, you surprised us ALL! Condragulations... you are the winner of this week's challenge!
Dixie Normous: "I won the mother-fucking SNATCH GAME."
Emma, you're safe.
Emma Bott: "I must activate winners mode. Clearly, it was set to... safety before this week."
That means Miserie Mistress and Gianna Vers Chachi, you are both up for elimination.
Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lip sync performance to 'Fight Song' by Rachel Platten.
The time has come... for you to lip sync. FOR YOUR LIFE!
Good luck... and don't fuck it up.
Gianna Vers Chachi: "This song calls to me. It's how I feel right now. There's a lot going on.... but i'm going to prove i'm all right. And i'm going to FIGHT."
Miserie Mistress: "I'm ready for this. I'm not going. I have so much more... this is my moment."
Who wins?
And for this season's big question... Virtual Drag Race is an Alternate Drag Race Universe. So... which VDR Monarch's are the AU counterparts of real life Queens?
I'll start with to me, an obvious one. Miss Belle is Alyssa Edwards!
Vote in the Quiz and i'll share what ya'll say next episode!
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Copy of Virtual Drag Race Season 7- Episode 9: Country Queens

Copy of Virtual Drag Race Season 7- Episode 9: Country Queens
Cherry goes for her usual flair; fierce and fun as she twirls through the stage. It's cute, but it's not quite fitting for the song. Lady Charlotte goes for a more campy direction for the song; quirky as she plays up the 'screwed' dynamic of the song.
Lady Charlotte... Shantay You Stay.
"Thank you Sir Ru-." Charlotte drops her character. "Thank you for saving me Ru."
Cherry Adams... you have SO MUCH potential. I want you to take some time away for yourself... work on your craft... and return with a vengeance.
Cherry smiles. "Thank you, everyone, for giving me the opportunity. Thank you... for loving me and my drag."
The Queen's yell as Cherry walks out. "WE LOVE YOU CHERRY!"
Cherry Adams: "I started off so strong, I'm sad I am ending it like this. But... I have love. So much love."
The Queens enter the werkroom.
"Oh Lord, that was a sheer mess!" Lady Charlotte exhales. "I feel... like the train had derailed for a moment there... but perhaps.. it was necessary."
"I think learning and fighting for your life gives you the fire to prove you want to be here." Dior responds. "Or causes you to have a rage-filled hate attack..." Dior giggles.
"It's not fun... that's for sure." Fatima shrugs. "But once it's over... it's over, and you've won."
"Unless you're me." Shea Bott smirks.
"Oh yeah... I forgot you were gone for an episode!" Fatima smiles. "Damn. This season has been crazy... so much has gone on."
"Sure has." Shea smiles.
Shea Bott: "I see these Queens and... I feel like I'm in a tough position. I have no wins, i'm the only one left without wins... I need to prove I am talented. And fast." Shea stops. "I need to win this."
The next day, Cookies walks in dancing.
"Come on ya'll, let's celebrate! Let's love being here another day!" She shakes around, and all 6 of the other Queens join in.
"Oh my..." Cheyenne laughs. "I really... I really like us hey."
"Wait wait let me.." Dior does a cartwheel.
"Oh God, thanks Dior..." Fatima smiles. "Making us look bad."
"Why don't we all do the Charleston?" Lady Charlotte shrugs.
"This ain't 1964, Grandma Charlotte!" Shea cackles.
My Queens... Did you ever dug your keys into the side of his pretty little souped-up 4 wheel drive? Carve you name into his leather seats? Well, this week's for you.
"Oh..." Miss Belle takes out her magnifying glass. "I know what this mysterious quote means!" She smirks.
Hello Hello Hello!
My Queens... for this mini challenge... you will be... making an impromptu speech!
Cheyenne... you are a talker! Condragulations, you are the winner of this mini challenge.
Now... let's talk Maxi Challenge... This week, my lovely Queens, it's the MAKEOVER.
Cookies n Cream: "Oh baby. I mean, I am not the look Queen, we know that. But pure makeup... I know how to do."
Are you ready to see who you are making over?
Out walks a bunch of female County Music Stars.
Miss Belle falls to the ground.
Miss Belle: "I AM COUNTRY CHIC. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Miss Belle gaps. "Oh that was not Ladylike. But... my, I won Snatch Game for giving you Dolly Parton. And now.... SHE'S HERE, IN FRONT OF ME. This challenge is made for me..." Miss Belle cries. "Oh, it's so good..."
You will be making these Country Queens over in Drag... in your own personal styles. I want to see FAMILY RESEMBLANCE. Your Brand. Cheyenne... as the winner of this week's mini challenge winner, you will assign the teams.
Fatima: "Oh this is so good. Thankfully I won't be serving you country realness... do I look like a country Queen? I'm going to give you family resemblance." She winks.
The Queens are assigned:
  1. Miss Belle with Dolly Parton
  2. Cheyenne with Reba
  3. Lady Charlotte with Miranda Lambert
  4. Shea Bott with Carrie Underwood
  5. Dior Le Boujee with LeAnne Rimes
  6. Fatima Al-abass with Kacey Musgraves
  7. Cookies n Cream with Taylor Swift
As she gets ready, Shea chats with Carrie.
"I just have to say.." Carrie smiles. "It's insane, working with you. I feel like... I've learnt so much. I'm being made over by a.."
"Not only Drag Queen, but a feminine presenting... non-binary Disabled Drag Queen?" Shea smiles.
"I was worried about saying it incorrectly." Carrie smiles. "But that."
"It's taken me a long time to embrace all of those terms." Shea looks at Carrie. "But... now, I've never been prouder."
Who wins this week?
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Virtual Drag Race Season 5: Episode 1- It's Boothin' Time

We've crowned an All Star... so what's next?
We will be
Let's Begin.
"The Angels sing, for their creator has arrived."
Dressed in a shining white gown covered in jewels, everything on Heaven is a pure Angelic white. She smiles.
Heaven St Frostfur: "Your Angel is here." Heaven beams. "I am Heaven St Frostfur, Mother of the Legendary House of Frostfur. You may say, 'Oh great, another Pageant Queen' but I am not just a pageant Queen. I am a pageant dominator. The Harts, The Duprees... they are all legendary, but no house is truly... heavenly like my own. My Drag is Glitter, Diamonds, Grace and Beauty. I am first and foremost a performer and designer. I am here to elevate... Drag. I know what Drag is, and I know I am the pinnacle of it."
"Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour." Liquorice Blac smirks as she enters the room. "It's Liquorice, baby."
"Stunning." Heaven smiles.
Liquorice Blac: "I'm Liquorice. Furutstic and Modern Meeting Old School Glamour is what Liquorice is. I am a high fashion designer, and i've studied design for years to make sure my looks are top tier. I'd like to describe my humour as dry and shady, which I feel like is something not really represented in this competition yet. I'm excited."
"OH MY GOD!" Eva Munroe walks in. "I'm here." Eva Munroe is dressed like a pastel goth star, with a mix of bright colours and complex mis-matching of materials. She looks somehow sweet, and threatening. "I'M HERE YEAH!"
"Someone's loud." Liquorice looks at Heaven.
"Indeed she is.." Heaven eyes Eva.
Eva Munroe: "YO YO YO YO. I'm Eva. I'm your fiery punk rock latina with a big fucking heart. I am a singer, actress and just overall loud mouth icon. I'm here to show you don't HAVE TO be the 'normal' look Queen. You don't have to be the dancing diva. What you need is to fucking rock the competition and show passion and FIRE! I'm also the first non-binary contestant in this competition. I'm here to be something different."
"Let's bring some colour in!" Lady Singh enters the room in an orange cloud. She appears in a gorgeous sari, looking like a head to toe Bollywood star.
"Lots of diversity this season." Heaven smiles at Liquorice.
Liquorice Black: "I get this vibe Heaven is very... 'Nice'. Something seems... off. Inauthentic perhaps?"
Lady Singh: "I am Lady Sign, the first Indian American contestant on virtual Drag Race. I am a actress, sewer and dancer who loves a Bollywood flair in my drag. As an immigrant, I feel like having a link to my own culture is very important, and that's at the forefront of everything I do."
Lepra Khan enters the werkroom looking straight out of an ancient painting of Greek Gods. "China, Ireland, Greece, France, India, Brazil, Virtual Drag Race!"
"A King!" Eva cheers.
"A King..." Heaven smiles... extremely wide.
Lepra Kahn: "Hi All, I am your ...Bio King of the season. My name is Lepra Khan, and I am a designer with an intentional flair. My Day Job is travelling the world, taking photos and creating amazing looks that are reflective of a wide away of culture. I'm here to be a Drag King who makes the finale with my strong looks and winning smile."
"Did someone say stunning, amazing, beautiful and gorgeous?" In enters Diamond Crystal Sin. She is best described as one word: "Glamour."
Diamond Crystal Sin: "I am Diamond, your actress, impersonator singing galore. I am here to bring a Latin glamour to this competition, whilst giving you high-quality beauty."
"Oh yes!" Diamond runs to Heaven. "Angelic, as usual."
Heaven St Frostfur: "I've known of Heaven for a few years, and i've seen her perform. This is one good Queen, and she does her little section of Drag WELL."
"I'm going break your HAAART!" Hilda Hart enters the room looking like a total pageant beauty.
"Ooooh, a Hart..." Lady Singh whispers to Lepra.
Hilda Hart: "PICTURE THIS. 18 Months ago, a young gay man watches virtual Drag Race. After weeks and weeks of trying, and watching pageant legend Regina Hart's videos, she decides to become a stunning, fun and fabulous drag QUEEN! I am the legendary child. I'm here to showmance, fight, redeem and like, kill this competition. I've practiced my Snatch Game. I've pre-written a verse for the girl group. I am here to re-deem my house!"
Producer: "But... are you from the real Hart drag family?"
"No, but no one needs to KNOW THAT." Belle laughs.
Heaven and Diamond look at each other. "Is she new?" Diamond whispers to Heaven.
"She's certainly no Hart that I know..." Heaven ponders. "Hmm.."
"Are you ready for some love?" Angelika Amore enters the room looking like a beauty straight out of a 50s hollywood film. Expensive and Well Put Together.
Angelika Amore: "Hello lovelies. I am Angelika, the burlesque beauty. I come from St Louis, Missouri where the Drag Pond is quite... small. But, I am so thankful because it's given me the opportunity to host my comedy hour, which is... quite famous, if you ask me." Angelika smiles. "I rap, I make the people laugh, and I LOVE to lip sync and perform. I'm excited to make it through this competition with lots of love and fun."
A massive bubblegum ball rolls into the werkroom.
"What's going on?" Lepra asks.
The ball bursts, and Vitalia Envy appears. She looks straight out an Aqua Video from 1995. She looks like a lot of fun.
Vitalia Envy: "I am here to break the glass ceiling. My name is Vitalia, and I am the first cis woman on Virtual Drag Race! I am here to like, bring something different and show Women are valid Drag Queens. I'm a comedy Queen who loves to come out with some looks that really POP. I'm a quintessential 90s Drag Queen in the body of a cis woman."
"Hi All!" Vitalia smiles. "I'm the first cis woman on Virtual Drag Race!" They (mostly) all cheer!
Heaven St Frostfur: "Not what I really think of when I think Drag Queen. But I'm happy someone who gets to play dolls can come here this season!" Heaven smirks.
"SO LOVELY TO MEET YOU!" Heaven extends her hand.
"Oh, you are all so NICE!" Vitalia beams.
"I'M HERE TO SLAY DRAG!" Ser Mari enters in high fantasy medieval style gown with a huge sword in their arms.
Seri Mari: "Your high-fantasy Queen is here. I'm Ser Mari, an AFAB Non-Binary Woman of Colour. Now THAT'S a mouthful. I am a designer who specialises in the insane, high fantasy and over the top. I am here to bring a new side of Drag. I love to act and make people laugh, and I'm here to just represent my community! It's so exciting!"
"YAYYYYYYYY!" Vitalia smiles. "I've been following you on Instagram for years. It's great to see someone like you here! I am a Woman who was inspired to do Drag by you!" Vitalia looks incredibly excited. "They're an icon, guys!"
"By the time you guys leave this competition, you'll know the name SOFONDA COX!" In walks Sofonda, in her bald glory dressed like a Dr Suess Book threw up on her. Eva looks excited.
Sofonda Cox: "Hello Worlds! Yes, the aliens above, I'm talking to you too!" Sofonda laughs. "I'm Sofonda, Provincetown, MA mad drag Queen! I'm a host, comedian who loves to make people smile. I've been a staple of my hometown for years, and I love entertaining my people. I'm here to bond, sew and just... be myself!"
"AWH HELL." Indigo To Hell walks in looking like an African Pageant Princess.
Indigo To Hell: "Hi all. I am Indigo, your seamless, expensive, beauty. I am a lucky Queen- I'm the only Drag Queen in the world to have apprenticed as VOGUE as a designer. I am a conceptual, New York fashion beauty who loves to bring my African Heritage in my looks. I love to perform and look into a room and pinpoint a single person- and give them what they truly want, a performance of a lifetime. I'm here because I am the full package. I am a Drag Superstar."
"She's EVERYTHING!" Esther Rosenberg enters the room looking like an experienced legend, that is a mix of all kinds of Drag. "Hello gorgeous."
Esther Rosenberg: "Hello all. I am Esther, your Jewish drag legend. I am here to bring you a whole new flair to virtual Drag Race. As one of the... older Queens, I've experienced a lot of Drag, which has kind of imprinted on me. I am a creator first and foremost, and I love to just... soap it all in. I'm here to show the world and old Queen can learn new tricks."
"Had your flu shot?" In walks MALARIA. Looking like a bronze enigma, she is dressed like an ethereal spirit. The room stops for a moment. "Taking the essence... of Malaria."
Malaria: "I am Malaria, your sickening Queen. I am beauty, grace, leather and fucking lace. I'd describe myself but I am the enigma. All you need to know is I'm Malaria darling."
"Oh you are sickening." Indigo smiles at Malaria. "Indigo to Hell."
"Malaria darling."
"Malaria! AMAZING!" Indigo smiles.
The Contestants are all chatting... when...
MY 14!
I've hand picked each of you because you are fantastic, next level Drag Performers. I'm excited to see each of you transform into your best selves.
Hilda Hart: "Hearing Ru address ME, it's like that moment when he told Elias to step it up like, I'm here and I am SO EXCITED! I cannot wait for me to create my own redemption arc. I can see it; Imagine Ru saying 'This has been a meh showing Hilda. I want to see that drive you auditioned with. AND THEN, I win the next challenge. PERFECT."
We're starting off the season with a fan favourite challenge. Each of you will be designing your own DRAG-CON BOOTH!
Esther Rosenberg: "Oh yes! I am a dame unlike any other. I can not WAIT to prove it!"
Each of you will design your own own DragCon Booth that is a great capture of who you are as a performer. You will then walk the runway in your best PRIDE look. Be it gay pride, gender pride, racial identity pride... it's up to you!
Sofonda Cox: "This a great opportunity to go balls to the wall. I am going to make it... sheer madness. That is Sofonda Cox."
The contestants present their DragCon Booths:
  1. Eva Munro: The Screamer’s Thunderdome
  2. Hilda Hart: The Kingdom of Harts
  3. Lady Singh: The Festival of Colour
  4. Sofonda Cox: SHEER MADNESS
  5. Liquorice Black: The Candy Store
  6. Lepra Khan: Lepra’s Pot of Gold
  7. Indigo To Hell: Pure Mahogany
  8. Ser Mari: The Dragon’s Den
  9. Vitalia Envy: The Place that Pops
  10. Angelika Amore: The Love Dungeon
  11. Esther Rosenberg: The Wine Aunt’s Cellar
  12. Diamond Crystal Sin: Crystal Clear Perfection
  13. Heaven St Frostufur: Pure Heaven
  14. Malaria: The Sickest of Spots
And walk the runway in their best PRIDE looks.
Who will win Ep 1?
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Virutal Drag Race Season 6: Episode 2- Ru's Double Feature: The Night Ball

Seondeok puts in a lot of grace and beauty. She's strong- powerful energy as the lip syncs every single word. But Sunny D keeps building and building; she pulls out ALL the stops- she's moving, high energy and whips out some sick gymnastic skills. It's a strong performance.
Sunny D, Condragulations you are the Top Queen of this WEEK!
Sunny D: "I did it! First Challenge done! This is a great start to the season."
Seodeok, well done this week. You're safe.
Seondeok: "Sunny D is an ASSASSIN in the making. I'm lucky it wasn't a lip sync for your life."
My First 7... It's time to head to be and relax. The other contestants... will be seeing you soon.
The Lights in the Werkroom go out. It's a lot darker, mysterious...
Vitalia Envy walks in smiling in a high-fashion outfit that looks like a burst piece of gum. “Guess the bubbles burst.”
The Werkroom is dark, with only candles lighting up the werkroom.
Vitalia Envy: “Hi All You Cool Cats and Kittens, I’m Back! I’m your Bio-Queen beauty, here to have a 2nd chance! I was the first eliminated Queen last Season, and I took it pretty harshly. I’m back again to prove my drag talents, sewing and hosting my way to the Top!”
Vitalia looks around. “Why does it look like it’s 9 O’Clock at Night?”
“Oh… my I’m…. Glitching Out…” In walks Cyrus, who towers into the workroom looking as if she’s holding her head in her hands. “Darn glitches.”
“Woah… again.” Vitalia gasps.
Cyrus: “Oh hey, It’s another Kunt.” Cyrus smiles. “I’m Cyrus, and I come from the house of Kunt, compromised of P0yzon, C-$alt and Indigo to Hell, so you KNOW I do the looks. I’m a Special Effects Artist by Trade, so I LOVE to torture by doing HUGE tasks such as intricate designs or… even looking like a video game glitch.” Cyrus smirks. “Unlike my sisters though, I am a bit more proficient in the comedic and acting fields. I also love to well… massacre whoever I’m performing against with some cool tricks. I’m here to Serve.”
“Oh, you look startling familiar..” Cyrus shakes hands with. “Charmed to meet you, I’m Cyrus.”
“Oh... you look familiar..” Vitalia purses her lips. “Hmm.. I thi-“
“I’m from the same house as your season 5 sister, Indigo.”
Vitalia: “Oh lord. We have a THREAT here..”
“Where’s the Queens in need of a makeover….” Mai Clee Toriss walks in holding a full makeup set, looking like a very feminine pageant beauty. “Oh, look there’s two peasants!”
Mai Clee Toriss: “What’s up! I’m Mai Clee, Orginially from Toronto Canada but now residing in New York City, baby! I am a pageant beauty who ALWAYS looks like a true woman. Because I love feeling like a woman! I am a Drag Queen of course! I am a Beauty, first and foremost. I love to play up this mean girl, bitchy attitude in Drag… I guess you can say I’m a Actor as well. I’m here to continue to trend of stunning pageant winners.”
“Who are you calling peasant?” Cyrus looks at Mai.
“Oh, you dearie!” Mai giggles and drops their voice. “Only playing. You both look gorgeous! I am Mai Clee Toriss.. and you are?”
“Cyrus… and this is…”
“VITALIA!” Mai smiles. “Welcome back! You had me crying last season when you got eliminated. I died.”
Vitalia Envy: “Mai Clee seems really sweet. That switch from bitchy to nice quickly gave me an insight into her very quickly. She seems like a strong actress...”
“Oh no…” Sophie Violet’s chest chicken cutlets full out of her shirt as she walks in. “Guess it won’t be fwsh for dinnew!” Sophie cackles and falls into the floor. “FISH CUTLETS… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She laughs for a good minute before getting up.
Everyone is confused.
Sophie Violet Cwumble: “The Cwinge Queen is hewe! I am Sophie, your cwinge icon. I know what you are thinking… the hell? EXACTLY! I’m a female drag artist who unwike othews who wike, the epitome of beauty, or camp, or horror… I AM CWINGE! I am hewe to make evewyone gasp in awks… I am a gwamorous scene kid, I am a dumpster diver. I’m hewe to just make evewyone Waugh…and suwpwise you all!” Sophie grins. “Ps…” She drops her voice very low… “I don’’ use the words R or L in Drag. That’s why I sound like that.” The veil is suddenly lifted again when she turns around. “OKAY!”
“Ok… what is going on!” Cyrus raises his hands in the air.
“HIIIIIIIIIII!” Sophie smiles.
“OMG, Sophie!” Vitalia runs over. “So good to see you!”
Vitalia Envy: “Sophie is a stunning female Drag artist. I am SO excited to have her here. She’s a real talent… or should I say weal tawent!”
“Fly me to the Moon… Let’s me see the Stars..” Gemini Moon enters the room in a Bright Blue Jeweled Gown, his skin appearing to look like speckled starlight, and a bright blue beard. “Hello Beauties.”
Gemini Moon: “Hello from Venus! I am Gemini Moon, your out-of this planet Drag King, Queen, Everything. I am a Queer Makeup Artist and Performer who lives to go out of the non-binary and do drag as a male presenting individual, as a female, or as neither. However, I am predominately a Drag King who loves to give you everything. Jewel Tone. Layers. Beards. Subltle Camp and a bit of skin as male-presenting. Female presenting… high fantasy. Regal. I’m very much an individual who loves to do things on my own. Self-Sufficient performer is the best way I’d describe myself.”
“Wewcome to the Sistewhood!” Sophie beams. “A new fwiend, yay!”
Cyrus: “Girl, the King looks AWKWARD AS FUCK. He has no idea what to do with Sophie. I can’t. It’s hilarious.”
“Sure.” Gemini grits his teeth.
Gemini Moon: “The number one thing I hate is.. fake. I’m not used to such a hyper-socialised environment. And this whole ‘we’re all friends kumbaya’ thing… Kinda Stinks.”
A trumpet rings. Out struts King Darin Cornelius Raemilius III of the Royal Haus. He raises his hands in the air, and truly looks like a king from the 14th Century. “You may… bow.” Darin TOWERS over the other contestants.
King Darin: “Hello. I am King Darin of the Royal House. Proud Transgender Male and Drag King. As you can tell... I love to embrace the royal theme. I am a designer and sewer with an impeccable taste for fashion. I am proficient historical wielder of weapons and Armor, and I am a Proud Mental Health Advocate. I am here as an high-quality actor and designer who is proud to be here and represent a fresh attitude of not necessarily…. Overly positive but being open and honest on my Quest to win the crown.”
“Of course we have all the stunning looking Drag Performers this season.” Cyrus sits back and looks at Vitalia. “How do you feel?”
“What do you mean?” Vitalia looks confused.
“I mean, we’re in for a fight.” Cyrus crackers her knuckles.
“Ok, are we going to talk about why it’s so DARK in here?” Mai Clee exhales “I hate the dark.”.
Gemini smiles. “I like it like this.”
Nancy Doll enters the dressed like a living embodiment of the 2006 Highland Fling Barbie. “Anyone up for a Fling with this Silkstone?”
“TWO RETURNING QUEENS?!” Vitalia runs over to Nancy.
“If you can step back for a moment so I can pose…” Nancy smiles and Vitalia awkwardly steps back.
Nancy Doll: “The Doll is back, and she’s a 25th Anniversary Reproduction Edition.” Nancy winks. “Hello from your Latina Queen! I’m Nancy, your first out from Season 4 of Virtual Drag Race. On my season, I never got to TRULY show off my sewing skills! I am a seamstress and I got eliminated in my very first challenge creating some atrocious look that was far too simplistic. I am here to give you an exaggerated impression of a woman... essentially, pure beauty and sex.”
“God, you are one stunning Queen.” King Darin smiles.
“Why thank you…” Nancy extends her hand. “And you are?”
“King Darin.”
“Oh, I love a King!” Nancy smiles. “You know what they say though, you always need-“
“A Queen beside him.” Darin winks.
“Oh My Wooord.” Sophie Violet gasps. “Thewe is onwy 7 of us!”
“Split Premiere.” Gemini Moon looks at Sophie.
My Drag Superstars. Sometimes… it’s in the dead of night when the best ideas come to us. Can you prove this theory?
"Mysterious.."King Darin looks excited. "This going to be fun..."
My Other... 7.
"..Other... 7?" Nancy looks around. "We're not first?"
The 7 of you are some of the best Drag Performers in America, and all have been hand-picked by myself to be in this season. We've already had 7 Performers enter the Werkroom last ball and compete in the 'Day Ball'... and now, it is time for the Night. Oh yes. We are starting with a BALL, DARLING!
Vitalia Envy: "I didn't get a shot to sew last time around. I am very excited to get the chance to do a whole BALL!"
There will be 3 categories for you all to prove yourself in the NIGHT BALL!
Evening Gala Best,
Late Night Rendezvous Realness,
and... using a combination of Vanta Black Spray Paint and lots of blankets... Wooly Warmth Evening Eleganza Extravaganza!
Nancy Doll: "This is a challenge that is perfect for myself. This is the redemption that I NEED, and i'm going to fight for it."
The Contestants are in the Werkroom Mirrors, doing their makeup as they get ready for runway.
Gemini Moon and Cyrus are chatting.
"So, what are doing for this challenge?" Cyrus carefully paints. "I'm using my special effects skills for this wooly look. Think... Star Wars, Luke inside the guts of a woollen creature."
"That's insane." Gemini carefully puts a beard on. "I'm doing both boy and girl drag this week. Leading man... to hyper-sexy, hyper-fantastical model. A little bit of skin."
"I love that you can swap. It's something we haven't seen before."
"Drag is way for Queer people to play with, deconstruct and redefine gender roles. So why would I limit myself to one facet?" Gemini grins. "And sometimes, I have the self-confidence to show a lot of skin."
"I'm not a big fan of showing too much skin. I have this disorder... EDS." Cyrus sighs. "It affects my connective tissue... causes me pain and makes my skin just look... wrong. I feel like sometimes my skin just... doesn't look right as an effect. So I cover shit up. I don't want people to see the strange stuff."
Gemini Moon: "At first I thought she was a bit too rough, but clearly Cyrus has a lot of history and... I had no idea. The fact he's looking like that with such a delibertating disorder... he's strong."
Vitalia and King Darin are chatting.
"I love the variety of Drag this season." Vitalia smiles. "Bio Queens, Drag Kings, Drag Queens... People who are both."
"It's cool. I feel like one great thing about this contest is the inclusivity. All Drag is valid."
"Agreed." Vitalia smiles.
Who will Win Episode 2?
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S12: AS Version: Ball Ball Pt. I

This first legacy lip sync is one awesome one! Jaida is going for a sexy and highly energetic vibe while Widow is doing fierce comedic and high energetic vibe. At the beginning, Jaida is serving face and expressions of a rich independent woman while in her wrap dress. Once the pre chorus arrives, Jaida takes her dress off to reveal...her deep v neck, backless leotard, thus serving high energy and sex. Meanwhile, Widow is being flexible and energetic, serving gag worthy moves and poses (splits, contortion, flips, etc.).
Heidi Confessional: Jaida is being sexy on the stage, I mean, it's cute and all. But, Widow is turning it out!
Dahlia Confessional: Jaida is killing it! Her moves, her expressions, everything about her is on point!
Jackie Confessional: Jaida and Widow are both giving energy! It could be a close call in the end!
Once the song ends, the top 2 queens hug one another with success.
Ru: Ladies, I've made my decision...Widow Von're a winner, baby! You've earned a cash tip of $5,000.
Widow is gagged, she literally cries happy tears as Jaida hugs the former and congratulates her.
Widow Confessional: I WON! She slayed the talent show, and the legacy lip sync! Saying "Yes bitch, she might be!"
Ru: Jaida Essence Hall, you are safe. You may join the other girls. Oh, and one last thing, you were very sexy tonight, Miss Hall.
Jaida gushes as she thanks the panel and blows them kisses.
Ru: Will the bottom two, please step forward...Widow, with great power comes great responsibility, which one of the bottom queens deserve to get...THE CHOP?!
Widow: (sighs) It has not been the easiest decision I have ever made in my entire life, but I decided on the queen who not only did the worst, but her personality has been cocky, ugly, and detrimental to the competition. So tonight, I am doing you all a favour by...
...sending Brita home.
Brita is upset asf, Nicky is relieved not to go home first (as so are Jaida and Dahlia), and Aiden and Heidi cannot contain their joy, seeing Brita leave. Jackie and Jan are shedding tears, knowing that their NY sister is going home first.
Ru: As it is written, so it shall be done, Brita, the queen of New York-
Brita: Don't hold your breath, Ru, I tried so hard and put in so many times just to be in the bottom while others are skating by! (Nicky rolls her eyes). Nicky, you ass should be the one going home first instead of my ass, along with Aiden! (Aiden is pissed). Widow, you are a bitch for sending my ass home and calling me out for being a toxic ass bitch! (snatches the lipstick without giving Widow a hug). Jaida, you're the one who is resting on sex in order to get to the top! (Jaida can only murmur, "Child.") And as for the rest of you, I hope all of your asses get sent home next! (Jan, in shock, wails on disappointed Jackie's shoulder).
Brita's Message: I hope you all are happy that I left! Aiden, Nicky, Jaida, and Widow, you all are next! - Brita from New York
Brita's exit interview: I am so pissed that I was sent home first rather than the likes of Aiden and Nicky! They are lackluster, and they do not try their damnedest to validate their spot in the competition! And I would like to blame Widow and Jaida for teaming up to do so some rigga morris shit-
Yvie's laugh is heard...
Brita: (groans) What's next?!
Yvie's message to Brita: Are you upset to go home earlier than expected? Well look no further, one day you will come back to the werk room, representing New York City. And pretty soon, you will get dolled up...for your REVENGE! (laughs)
Brita: This is the mess I cannot wait for all them bitches to see! Brita's coming back, bitch! (laughs)
Jan Confessional: I am sad that Brita went home, but at the same time I am upset that Brita ranted towards other people about going home first.
Preview to Brita ranting about being from New York and blaming Aiden, Nicky, Jaida, and Widow even more.
Widow, upset about Brita's message and behaviour, wipes off the mirror message and says, "If there were a Miss Bitch award of the season, then it would go to Brita."
Crystal: On the bright side, condragulations Widow!
Widow: Thank you, sis! Representing Missouri at its finest!
Crystal and Widow: (High five one another)
Dahlia: So Jaida, who did you choose?
Jaida: Brita! (laughs) Child, it was so straightforward, the more she ranted, the less I saw her potential. And Nicky, despite French being your native language, I see potential in you, sis!
Dahlia: Agreed!
Nicky: Thank you, sisters!
Jaida: You are welcome, sis!
Dahlia: I have to say that I would have abruptly walked off if I were to go home first, but her ranting is unacceptable in all levels. I mean, this is the level of unprofessionalism-
Gigi: No! Your hypocrisy is THE level of unprofessionalism, let's talk about Dahlia's reputation.
Dahlia: Gigi, just calm down, okay? I survived my first elimination, and all you did was call me out for no reason-
Gigi: (claps her hands while calling Dahlia out) Then why are you saying one thing and then saying another?! It makes no fucking sense!
Dahlia: I just do not want to go home first, and that's what my parent Aja warned me about-
Gigi: What's Aja got to do with it?!
Dahlia: (walks to her station between Nicky's and Jaida's to dedrag)
Gigi: Oh, now you are walking away from me? You are walking away from me now, oh?
Crystal: (comes close to Gigi) Sweetie, it's not worth it. (kisses her forehead)
Gigi: (slightly smiles at Crystal and then gives Dahlia an evil glare)
Heidi Confessional: It has been a week since we have started a competition and a lot has been going on: there has been a first feud, a first rant from Brita who has been eliminated, and now Gigi coming after Dahlia? And what's next, Gigi calling me out for no reason and treating me like dirt?
Jan Confessional: It is week two, the drama has left the building, and I FEEL GREAT!
Jaida: Child, I am the trade of the season!
Dahlia: I can see that!
Everyone else: (crickets)
Heidi: Jan, Crystal, Rock, and Jackie can be trade of the season instead! Jaida is...just Jaida!
Jaida: Sis, you can be the trade of the season: whether you are male, female, non binary, black, white, ethnic, gay, straight, fluid, masculine, feminine, or androgynous. Thus, I can be the trade of the season.
Ru: Hello, hello, hello! Today's mini challenge is the dance off: bee edition!
Ru: The mini challenge winner is...Gigi Goode! You have earned $2,500. For the next challenge, we are throwing a ball...The Ball Ball! The first category is Lady Baller, the second category is Basketball Wife Realness, and the final Category is Balls to The Wall Eleganza! Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best!
Damn! Brita has been salty going home first(however, I am still not against Brita in any way, just being creative). Plus, Gigi has been sweet towards Crystal, yet sour towards other queens, especially Dahlia.
Who will be in the top 2? Who will be in the bottom 2? And will Jaida sing her song about needing "some balls to make it through" the challenge? Please vote!
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I just climbed to GM as Moira and I have some tips and ideas to share.

I'm modeling this post after one I wrote a while back for Ana. You can read it here:
Quick background - my peak is 4280 and I've hit GM the past six seasons playing support characters. I climbed from silver once upon a time. This season I placed 3700 and climbed from there to GM over a weekend.
Most of my OW time is spent coaching, I have hundreds of hours experience doing personal vods for players of literally all rank and I have hundreds of hours of experience head coaching teams of all rank - from Gold to Top 500. I have also done some assistant work for the T2 scene, and so on and so forth.
I think (hope) you guys will find some value in this guide, mostly because I'm not a Moira main, I've reluctantly played her this season due to meta shifts. I don't hate the character at all, but I think having an "outsider" perspective about Moira might be helpful.
Also, I'm aware there are better Moira players on this sub and elsewhere, but I do think I have enough experience and knowhow to provide some valuable information.
This isn't an in-depth guide and that's not my intention. I want to provide some tips for playing Moira in higher ELOs that ALL players can find useful.
Applying DPS principles to Moira, but not going DPS Moira:
Orbs are playmaking tools, not band-aids.
I have a bunch more to say, but I think this enough for now haha. Please feel free to ask me questions about anything I posted. I hope this post was helpful. Happy climbing!
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a breakdown of KOST, it's connection to other statistics and it's application.

a breakdown of KOST, it's connection to other statistics and it's application.
This may be a long one lads, strap in...

First of all, I will be using examples of actual matches and players in my posts. There is no intent to go after anyone's neck if it seems like I'm singling out a particular player or team, it most likely just suits my point well. Anyhow, as a neutral within Collective I feel comfortable expressing my opinion based on my experience and the statistical analysis I conduct daily. That said, if anyone does take offence to my criticism then feel free to fill out this butthurt form below.
With that out the way, let's talk about KOST.

The definition of KOST

I get questions regularly asking for clarification on what exactly 'KOST' is. While it sounds like a fairly complicated concept when explained, in theory its actually quite simple: KOST is a multivariable measure of your effectiveness across a whole match. usually displayed as a ratio or percentage, it will show how many rounds in which you had a positive impact (in line with the variables of KOST).
What are the variables of KOST? Well, KOST is actually an acronym which tells us the 4 variables considered:
K - Kill (anytime/anyhow in the round)
O - Objective (planting/counter-diffusing)
S - Survive (as part of the winning team that round)
T - Traded (directly, and within a specific time after death)
Think of KOST as a binary system per round. If you do ANY of the above within a round, even just one of these, you will earn KOST for that round. If you fail to do any of the above, then you do not earn KOST for that round. Your KOST Ratio is the ratio/percentage of rounds in which you earned KOST. The highest value for KOST is 1.00/100% with the lowest being 0.00/0%. If you're averaging 0.70/70% or above across an event then you're doing very well.
With me so far?

What does my KOST Ratio tell me?

Your KOST Ratio is not a great statistic on its own, and benchmarks change for different roles within a team. For example: A support player is not expected to get a high amount of kills per round, as that is not their primary job in their role, so they are more likely to earn KOST by doing objective work and surviving rounds. Entry players are on the frontline most rounds, so their KOST ratio is affected more by their kills, as well as getting traded by their second entry if unsuccessful.
The point here is that you must draw from other areas of the scoreboard in order to see make the most use of your KOST stat. It is an extremely useful stat to have handy though, as it provides a gauge of consistency for the match/sample size you're looking at. The in-game scoreboard only shows you total quantities without breaking down when those numbers were attained.

Case Study - Eagles Nest C vs Iron Mountain

Following on from my point about how little context the in-game scoreboard shows, here is the final scoreboard for the ENC - IM match recently

Iron Mountain narrowly miss out on a closely contested Clubhouse match vs Eagles Nest Charlie.
I want to focus in on the stats for Iron Mountain (btw, in depth stats for Collective PC NA matches are all available HERE). Looking at this scoreboard, we see that only Cyn avoided a negative KD, with Moppski bottom of the scoreboard with only 3 frags across 12 rounds. Now on face value, it would be easy to say that Moppski and VeXeD had less impact on the game than the likes of Cyn and Lxkota, who put up more frags. This is where KOST comes into play. I've created a table below outlining Kills, KOST, Entry and Multi kills for each player:

Player Kills KOST Entry 0k 1k 2k 3+k
Cyn 10 42% 2-3 8 2 0 2
Lxkota 9 33% 1-2 8 2 0 2
Tommy 5 33% 1-1 9 2 1 0
VeXeD 7 75% 1-1 5 7 0 0
Moppski 3 50% 0-0 9 3 0 0

The reason that I included multi kills is because we can use maths to figure out how much kills played a part in the KOST rating. Lets use Cyn's stats as an example:
  • 12 rounds
  • 42% KOST (5 rounds with a positive effect)
  • 4 rounds in with Cyn got at least a kill (earning KOST)
  • With 0 obj play, that means that there was 1 round in which Syn didn't get a kill and either was traded after death or survived a winning round.
Of the 7 rounds that Cyn did NOT earn KOST, at least 2 rounds were due to dying on entry (note the 2-3 entry stat and the knowledge that one round he may have been traded after death and with no kills). This leaves 4 or 5 rounds of the match in which Cyn did not contribute to the match on a statistical level, not attempting an entry, not surviving, not being traded after dying and not getting kills.
Coming back to the in-game scoreboard, we see Cyn at the top, with 10 Kills and arguably more contribution than the rest of the team. However after using KOST, other stats and some process of elimination, we can show that although he had the most kills, the consistency of Cyn's fragging was not there. Whereas VeXeD, who had less kills but a higher KOST, got at least a kill in 7 different rounds. Incidentally VeXeD also had a plant to his name. Overall, this shows that the contribution of both players to the match, statistically at least, is not shown via the in-game scoreboard.
The calculations I have just done can be applied to any player on the list, with varying results: If you analysed the origin of Moppski's KOST, you can see that he had 3 rounds where he earned KOST via a kill, and 3 rounds where he earned KOST without getting a kill. This is more indicative of support players or those with a passive anchor playstyle.

This is all well and good...but what's the point?

Okay, so I understand that this may come off as a me just having a glorified jab at someone's performance, while sticking up for others on the same team that have lesser 'face value stats', but that isn't my angle here.
As much as my job is to analyse Siege statistics, I CAN'T STRESS ENOUGH how important it is to use those statistics in context with VOD review. I stated earlier that Cyn had 4/5 rounds where statistically he did not contribute, which is true. However, Siege is a far more complex game than just shooting heads and the context of the match must be respected. We don't know by looking at numbers exactly how Cyn played. We don't know what he did on the map to help his team, plays he made that are currently unable to be tracked with stats. We don't know how many valuable callouts were given, how good their utility usage was, how much damage was dealt, whether or not he was baiting/baited or not, etc etc...
Just as it isn't right for me to judge a player or team purely by numbers, it also isn't right to take stats on face value, as a large portion of a players contribution will never show up on a scoreboard. I see so many teams who live and die by their in-game scoreboard stats, seeing a kill total and assuming it tells the full story. Assuming a player was carried or carried themselves, without actually taking the full scope of stats into account and then contextualising it with VOD review. I've seen teams fall apart due to silly arguments about KD etc, without actually getting to the root of the issue.
KOST is one of my favourite statistics, as when paired with other stats it is a fantastic tool for painting the outlines of a performance, with which you can apply to your VOD review in order to understand more about a players individual performance. And that's exactly how stats SHOULD be used - as a flag system. If you see poor stats, consider them alongside others, then take it to VOD review to figure out exactly what happened at these points in the match. It is a fantastic way to identify key issues (or moments of success) for you and your team.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions then comment below, I'll answer :)

Discord (for more stats related content):
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Message Decoded for the new ARG

MAJOR EDIT: Anyone who comes here should also go to MockingDolphin's thread at, where he describes the key piece to this puzzle that we were missing. Given his insight, we should now have complete decryption capability!! Please also see iihavetoes post in that same thread where he gives you over 900 images to get working on! Also thanks for the reddit gold!
I was able to find a complete sequence of 8 nodes by trolling through the various spreadsheets and successfully decoded the message. I will be editing this post with all the details, but first I just wanted to get the result up here. The decoded message was a JPEG image, which I have uploaded here I'm not sure what to make of it, or if there is anything more to it.
EDIT 1: A few more images recovered from other 8-node chains.
EDIT 2: I want to first dispel any thoughts that this is fake by posting the (admittedly crap) code I wrote to find node sequences from a CSV download of the spreadsheet at, and to decode the message. Here is the Python3 code which I've made no efforts to comment or clean up. It expects to be run in a directory with a file named 'myfile.csv' which is just the csv download of that spreadsheet. So anyone can replicate this, provided they know how to use Python.
from Crypto.Cipher import AES import base64 import csv out = [] with open("myfile.csv", 'r') as csvfile: myreader = csv.reader(csvfile, delimiter=',', quotechar='"') for row in myreader: out.append(row) out = out[1:] mydict = {} for elt in out: key = tuple(elt[2:7]) check = ''.join(x[0] for x in key) if check.lower() != elt[7].lower(): print('bad!') continue mydict[key] = elt bigcounter = 0 for startkey in mydict.keys(): count = 0 keylist = [] cur = startkey while cur in mydict.keys(): count += 1 keylist.append(mydict[cur][14]) if count == 8: break cur = tuple(mydict[cur][8:13]) if count == 8: print('win') try: encrypted = mydict[startkey][16] IV = mydict[startkey][15] key = b''.join([base64.b64decode(x) for x in keylist]) aes =, AES.MODE_CBC, base64.b64decode(IV)) z = aes.decrypt(base64.b64decode(encrypted)) print('code start:', base64.b64decode(encrypted)[:20]) print('key:', keylist) print('iv:', IV) print('decode start:', z[:50]) if z.startswith(b'\xff\xd8'): print('JPEG found!') with open('outputfile_{0}.JPEG'.format(bigcounter), 'wb') as g: g.write(z) bigcounter += 1 except Exception as e: print('bad!!') print(e) print('==============================================') 
This code is specifically looking to output any JPEG data it finds, since that is all I could identify in the decoded messages (some of the data is garbage, so I'm not sure if it's just me not recognizing a data format or just the input data being bad).
EDIT 3: While working this I quickly came to realize the most important thing is getting good data. Each spreadsheet I've used has had errors in it and I haven't made any efforts in my code to handle bad data, nor am I really sure how to do it. But anyway, here are some details about the encoding:
The underlying message is first encrypted with AES in CBC mode, and then base64-encoded. The base64-encoding offers no security, it just allows arbitrary binary data to be be displayed using printable "ASCII" characters. So in particular, we don't need any keys to remove it. The processing keys and IV are also base64-encoded.
In order to decode the AES-encrypted message, we need two things: (1) a 16-byte IV and (2) a 32-byte key. We are given (1) in its entirety, but only given 1/8th of (2)... this is the 4-byte chunk you get by base64-decoding your processing key. You need to get 7 more of these 4 byte chunks to complete your key, and then you need to lay them out in the correct order.
In order to get the other 7 you need to step from Node to Node using the forwarding protocol, starting at your Node, and take the processing keys from the first 7 Nodes you step to. The forwarding protocol seems to work as people have immediately speculated: The 12345 -> 54321 type protocols mean you take your Node and permute it accordingly, and the other type with the 4 blanks and 1 filled in spot indicates a single position that you need to modify according to the flow diagram in that position. It turns out that all of these successes are at self-referencing nodes, so it's not clear how the forwarding protocol works yet, or more likely I've munged something in putting the key peices together, thanks to the DeCryptarchs at for bringing this up
In the spreadsheet I used, people had made these transformations themselves, so you won't see the Node to Node stepping implemented in the code.
Presumably there are a lot more messages to find and I've really just verified that we are on the right track, hopefully this helps!
EDIT 4: The 6 images I have so far: I just want to emphasize that this method has only worked for self-referencing nodes. These are nodes which mutate to themselves. This happens, for example, when the forwarding protocol is '12345 -> 54321' and the node is equal to its reverse. In this case, the key is consists of a 4 byte chunk repeated 8 times, so in particular you don't have to worry about ordering the blocks correctly when you combine them into the 32 byte key.
I thought initially I was messing up the ordering in the non-self-referencing case, but it's easy enough to try the 8! possibilities and I still failed to solve these, so I suspect we are not doing the forwarding protocol correct, or maybe there is something else. Interested to hear ideas!
EDIT 5: The 2-cycle node sequences DDTDD -> DTTDD - DDTDD - DTTDD - DDTDD - DTTDD - DDTDD - DTTDD and TSCST -> CSCST - TSCST - CSCST - TSCST - CSCST - TSCST - CSCST decrypt for me, but the related shifted sequences DTTDD -> DDTDD - DTTDD - DDTDD - DTTDD - DDTDD - DTTDD - DDTDD and CSCST -> TSCST - CSCST - TSCST - CSCST - TSCST - CSCST - TSCST do not. If someone can double-check this it would be much appreciated. This seems to imply that forwarding protocols stack or modify each other in some way, or somehow track some state of the sequence, rather than just acting a single time in a pre-defined way to get you to the next node. Then again I haven't slept yet so I'm not really sure what I'm even writing any more. The two new images are
The corresponding forwarding protocols are (according to text posts)
DDTDD = 2nd position, counter clockwise
DTTDD = 12345 -> 54321
TSCST = 1st position, counter clockwise
CSCST = 12345 -> 54321
submitted by thegrayfox89 to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

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